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A ‘Swift’ path to success

  • From the June 2020 issue.
A ‘Swift’ path to success

TasPorts has commissioned a Liquip Swift equipped fuel tanker for deliveries on Flinders Island. Reliability, environmental credentials and ease of use are big drawcards in this remote operation.

TasPorts is a state-owned organisation that manages 11 Tasmanian ports and the Devonport airport.

The company also owns and manages the Bass Island Line which provides a safe and reliable shipping service for the community of King Island.

Alongside this, TasPorts provides essential community services to the residents and businesses on King Island and Flinders Island, including the continuity of fuel supply at local farms and service stations.

Being responsible for the management and maintenance of essential infrastructure emphasises the need for reliability and strong partnerships to ensure continuity in operations.

This is what led TasPorts to partner with Liquip to build a road tanker with a metering system to operate on the famous Flinders Island.

The TasPorts fuel tanker operates on the remote Flinders Island, located in Bass Strait between Victoria and Tasmania. The remote location means reliability is paramount and equipment has to work consistently well.

Renowned for its rugged and untamed beauty, Flinders Island is prone to severe weather patterns including regular storms, which is why TasPorts required equipment that would go the distance, rain hail or shine.

Thus, the company decided to use Liquip industry-leading and Australian-made Swift pumping and metering system on its purpose-built Tieman four-compartment rigid tanker.

TasPorts Port Operations Manager, Craig Bull said the Swift system was chosen for its accuracy, reliability and user-friendly operation.

“We are committed to ensuring the supply of fuel to these local and remote communities, including residents and farming businesses,” he said.

The tanker configuration provides the reliability that TasPorts requires, thanks to the Swift’s innovative and user-friendly design which uses proven technology and minimal moving parts.

Liquip advised that once the Swift system was calibrated, there would be no ongoing requirements for recalibration in normal use, highlighting its reliability.

“The system is sophisticated, accurate and user-friendly,” Craig explains.

The new infrastructure also reinforces TasPorts commitment to ensuring an environmental responsible and sustainable operation on Flinders Island.

The Swift delivery system’s manifold arrangement ensures there is no need to switch or ‘jump’ hoses between compartments – an operation which used to inevitably result in a small amount of fuel leaking onto the ground.

“The fact that there is no need for a ‘jumper’ hose between the various compartments is a big thing for us,” Craig confirms. “It ensures a cleaner operation.”

Since taking delivery of the four-compartment rigid tanker in July 2019, TasPorts has been using the unit to supply petrol and diesel fuel to service stations, farms and boat marinas on the island.

Importantly, should the need arise for servicing, Liquip’s Australia-wide service network provides a comprehensive coverage, even in remote locations such as Flinders Island.

During the build, Liquip was tasked with ensuring the Australian built Tieman tanker and Swift system were seamlessly integrated.
With over 40 years of metering system expertise, Liquip worked closely with TasPorts to offer a fit-for-purpose system, in line with the company’s ‘Solution Focused, Service Driven’ motto.

Being isolated, yet in relative close proximity to Flinders Island, Liquip was able to successfully deliver a solution that exceeded TasPorts’ expectations, as well as always ensuring ongoing support as required.

Joshua James, Sales Manager at Liquip, comments that TasPorts has also benefited from other functional features that the Swift system offers, including a space-saving and lightweight design which in turn allows for a more compact installation and higher payload capacity.

“The Swift system also integrates level gauging as a standard feature, meaning users can view how much product is onboard in all compartments easily, at the touch of a button,” Joshua says.
Since commissioning its first Swift system, TasPorts have acquired another identical rigid tanker that will be put into service on King Island, yet another remote location.

Fast Fact
To improve Flinders Island residents and businesses fuel supply, TasPorts has decided to use Liquip International’s industry-leading and Australian-made Swift pumping and metering system integrated with a purpose-built Tieman four-compartment rigid tanker.

(Image: Swift’s ease of operation includes a manifold delivery system that negates the need for ‘jumper’ hoses.)

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