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A tried and trusted craft

  • From the February 2020 issue.
A tried and trusted craft

Barker Trailers enables optimal fleet versatility, greater productivity and safety, with its purpose-built moving floor trailers that can be adapted for a range of industrial segments.

Barker Trailers enables optimal fleet versatility, greater productivity and safety, with its purpose-built moving floor trailers that can be adapted for a range of industrial segments.

Victorian trailer builder, and family business, Barker Trailers, is the leading manufacturer of moving floor trailers in Australia and New Zealand, having produced more than 600 purpose-built moving floor trailers for a range of industries and applications.

Barker’s engineering team has been instrumental in managing the Performance-Based Standards (PBS) design and construction of moving floor trailers, enabling operators greater fleet versatility as well as increases in payload capacity and competitive advantages in the market by reducing running costs through efficiency.

The transition from traditional tri-axle bins to purpose-built steer axle, quad-axle bins, for example, is a result of working closely with each customer to meet their ever-changing requirements.

Barker trailers have been part of Corkhill Bros fleet for 20 years. Phil Corkhill has found Barker to be innovative manufacturers that are knowledgeable, flexible and accommodating when working with constraints associated with Performance-Based Standards (PBS) rules and guidelines.

Corkhill Bros’ latest moving floor trailer from Barker is a Cargo CF500, 48’ quad-axle configuration fitted with BPW AM disc brakes and a rear steer axle. The trailer sits on 265 tyres and has a 103m³ carrying capacity.
The trailer carries pine bark, potting mix and soil conditioners, travelling from Tumbarumba to Canberra and the surrounding areas.

“Corkhill Bros. has experienced a positive increase in payload,” he says. “The trailer has a payload of 30,400kg – an increase of 3.75 tonnes compared to our previous three-axle configuration. The trailer typically does 10 loads per week which equates to an increase of 37.5 tonnes per week.”

Investing in Barker trailers has proven to be cost-effective for Phil’s operations. “The increase in carrying capacity transfers through to cost savings and efficiencies that extend beyond the truck and trailer, to supporting operations such as on-road cost - fuel and labour, associated loader operations, subsequent time on the road for volume delivered is reduced.”

From a health and safety standpoint, moving floor trailers are the preferred option for Corkhill Bros. as the business frequently operates on uneven surfaces.

“Barker have and will continue to be the preferred supplier of moving floor trailers for Corkhill Bros,” Phil says. “We are satisfied with the PBS quad trailer and the high degree of quality finish which is further supported by the good resale value associated with Barker’s trailers.

Waste subcontractor Martin Peters has exclusively specified moving floor trailers from Barker for more than 20 years. His most recent acquisition, a 48’ combination with lift-up rear door and automatic tarps, is used to cart compost, mulch and other green waste predominantly around the Mornington Peninsula side of Melbourne.

“Barker have finetuned their trailers over the years and their current moving floor trailers are leading the waste market,” Martin says. “When working in landfill environments, the ground is often uneven, so when loading and unloading green waste uphill, downhill or even on a slight angle, moving large volumes safely and efficiently is something that Barker’s trailers do with ease.”

Martin relies on Barker for their robust equipment and excellent support. “When it comes to service, Barker Trailers has always had my back. As for the build quality, the trailers are well constructed and durable. At this stage, their trailer design is perfect.”

Meanwhile, James Williamson, operations at Porthaul, has also had a longstanding relationship with Barker Trailers.

“The newest moving floors we had built at Barker were 34m A-double walkthrough moving floors,” he says. “These were built for a new contract and a specific vehicle was needed for the task to haul woodchip 150km from the Port of Portland (out of Tarpeena Softwood mill).”

James says these vehicle (three in total) carry softwood chip from The Tarpeena Woodchip mill in Tarpeena, South Australia, to the Port of Portland for export.

“They are a dedicated fleet carting only softwood for this contract which involves the movement of 250,000 tonnes of softwood product per year,” he says – adding that these Barker trailers provide Porthaul with efficiencies in payload and unloading. “The productivity gains have been great for us, allowing us to carry 22 per cent more product per trip. Essentially, we are doing three loads to every four B-double loads, which is minimising our road footprint for the contract (fewer trucks needed on the road).”

A key consideration in the purchasing decision for these trailers, according to James, was the need to be able to unload product safely, efficiently and as clean
as possible.

“Previous contractors were using tipping trailers and unhooking each time they unloaded,” he says. “This adds extra risk and increases the chance of something going wrong. With our Barker moving floor trailers, we are able to unload the product without having to tip the trailer in the air and can walk the product from the lead trailer through the B-trailer. This eliminates the need to split or unhook the combination. This is a big plus for our customer.”
In addition to boost fleet performance, James says Barker are very competitive on price and produce a beautifully crafted trailer.

“Barker build their trailers for the end user and are very easy to use. There are so many moving parts to these combinations, but Barker have been able to simplify this for our operators which is a big plus,” he says. “They have been at it long enough to know and understand what the customers’ requirements are and they execute this perfectly. Barker’s after sales service is also excellent. I believe Barker pride themselves on not only a commitment to quality, but also a commitment to customer care. They always listen and respond. I value their commitment to making sure all their trailers are spot on and making sure the customer is happy before they roll out the gate.”

Barker Trailers continue to grow in the infrastructure and road base segment with orders in place for moving floor trailers to suit this growing market. The moving floor is ideal for this application with its ability to unload on any surface and its compliance to new safety requirements for non-tipping application.

Barker Trailers continues to work with leading suppliers and global technology providers to deliver exciting solutions to its customers.

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