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Around the bend

  • From the November 2019 issue.
Around the bend

As Australia’s largest independent tyre distributor, Tyres4U continues to strengthen its market position by offering original equipment manufacturers specialised technical solutions and reliable nationwide support.

There are significant advantages to be had when holding exclusive and non-exclusive agencies for various brands of tyre manufacture. Multi-branded and diverse choices are favourable for trailer builders, especially fleet operators, because there is much to be said for ensuring optimal vehicle uptime and longer tyre lifecycles.

For an industry that demands diversity in road transport equipment for applications ranging from container handling and bulk material haulage to inner-city and regional freight runs, it makes sense to invest in tyres and wheel ends that are spec’d for the task.

Fortunately, Tyres4U, an Australian owned and operated organisation – the largest independent tyre distributor in the country – has the products to accommodate a variety of applications including: passenger cars, trailers, trucks as well as all-purpose agricultural/industrial vehicles.

For National Sales Manager – Original Equipment, Shane Tennant, Tyres4U adapts with the market rather than waiting for businesses to come knocking.
“Not only is tyre technology rapidly changing, but there is an unprecedented availability of superior quality tyres as alternatives to ‘traditional’ brands,” he says.

In its quest to deliver the best tyre options for the trailer manufacturing market, Tyres4U has partnered with Giti on what could be Australia’s next super tyre.

“The GAR827 features a tough compound with deeper tread depth, 17.5mm – which is about a third more tread than your average tyre,” Shane says. “Not only does this provide better protection and mileage but the three zig-zag groove design allows for better controllability and resistance against road damage. The optimised bead structure also ensures greater durability by uniformly distributing load pressure to the bead.”

Giti’s GAR827 is suited for all Australian on/offroad conditions, while the tyre casing is designed for retreadability.
To further bolster its service offering, Tyres4U has an exceptional national emergency tyre service network, TEN-24.

According to Tyres4U, the TEN-24 network has more than 200 locations strategically located along major highway routes.

“When a tyre emergency strikes, members can simply call the TEN-24 central control room which will arrange the service and provide an estimated time of arrival,” Shane says. “If the emergency service is on a Double Coin, GT Radial or Yokohama tyre, then there is no charge to the member.”

Tyres4U is well-placed in the Australian tyre industry to assist fleet operators and heavy vehicle asset owners with selecting the best products, leveraging a team of highly respected technical experts.

In addition to providing tyres, the business also stocks Tyre Pressure Management Systems (TPMS) tyre fill polymer products and pumping equipment. Tyres4U provides innovative support systems with tyre applications to ensure cost efficiencies and performance gains.

Fast Facts

  • Tyres4U emerged from a retail tyre shop called ‘The Avenue Tyre Service’ in First Ave, Five Dock in the inner west of Sydney during the late 1950s.
  • Yokohama and Hankook truck tyres are now available for OE purchase through Tyres4U.
  • Tyres4U has 11 distribution centres that supply more than 4,000 trade customers Australia-wide.

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