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Azmeb tippers head to SA and WA

  • From the March 2017 issue.
Azmeb tippers head to SA and WA

Just like the rest of the trucking industry, the waste management sector has a pronounced focus on finding efficiency improvements – a search that recently led two waste specialists to Azmeb’s High Volume Side Tipper model.

The quest for productivity and efficiency is a constant trend across Australia’s commercial road transport industry, and the booming waste transport sector is no different. In a constant effort to get the job done in a more efficient manner, waste specialists are working to improve their processes and equipment. For some, this has meant making the switch from moving floor trailers to side tippers.

In South Australia, Adelaide’s Bettatrans recently invested in Azmeb High Volume Side Tippers (HVSTs) to work on a new contract with Visy, moving waste from a transfer station in the suburbs to a plant in a major industrial area for processing.

The units feature hinged upper bodies which effectively double their volumetric capacity with little increase in tare weight, in a design that Bettatrans Director, Chris Cunningham, says enables a truck to pull in to a site, unload and leave in one minute. “[Our customers] are always after the dollar, like every big company. You just have to be on your toes, be the most efficient operator, with the most fuel-efficient set-up,” he says.

Across to the west, fellow waste specialist, Suez, has bolstered its Western Australian fleet with a $3.5 million investment in Azmeb HVSTs, which Suez’ WA State Equipment Manager, Peter Spight, considers an ideal solution for navigating the difficult terrain and lengthy hauls native to the WA countryside.

Like Bettatrans, efficiency was also a key element to Peter’s purchasing decision, based on his findings that Azmeb’s one-of-a-kind tippers can unload up to 10 times faster than traditional moving floor trailers. “The company was successfully operating these trailers in Cairns,” says Peter. “We collected and viewed the data on the efficiency of the units and bought our first two in 2013. The quick tip time over our current moving floor fleet and the much lower maintenance were the two key factors in our decision to go with Azmeb.”

Quick tipping times result in less time spent by the combinations at the landfill site, Peter adds, with the fleet managing up to three trips and carting 120 tonnes of waste per day. The fleet of 14 side tippers, operational since October 2016, is primarily responsible for transporting commercial and household waste from Suez’s transfer station in Welshpool to landfill in North Bannister – a 130km trek. The side tippers run in a pocket road train configuration, consisting of seven units each hosting two trailers and a dolly.

“The tip face time for unloading ensures fast turnaround – no need to split the trailers as we had to with the moving floors. Our drivers spend about 15 minutes at the landfill site, compared to 45 minutes for the previous moving floor trailers. So they’ve made a big difference,” Peter says.

Greater efficiency is supported by decreased maintenance requirements – a key factor in running a streamlined waste operation. Peter explains the Azmeb units utilise simple and fast hydraulics, two rams doing the job of three at each end, and fewer parts and hoses. The bowl is said to be “incredibly durable”, made from one piece of 450-grade wear plate sitting on full-length rubber pads that absorb loading shocks, which can easily damage a traditional moving plank style floor.

Add in fewer grease points serviced by remote grease lines, and maintenance budgets can be drastically cut: Suez expects a 45 per cent reduction on annual maintenance costs using Azmeb’s HVSTs over the existing fleet of moving floor trailers. “There are now far less moving parts and the waste can be quite hard on the trailers, so the side tippers wear far better,” says Peter.

The reduced maintenance is a feature of an Azmeb side tipper that Bettatrans also values. “It’s so simple, there is very little maintenance on it. There’s just a little bit of greasing, a couple of rams and looking after the rubber hinge at the bottom of the door,” Chris says – explaining that the units’ patented full-length rubber hinges allow high-moisture loads to be moved without risk of spillage.

The Azmeb side tipper marks an introduction to a new area for Bettatrans, Chris points out, and will not be the last of its kind. For Suez’ WA State Equipment Manager Peter, there is no looking back from Azmeb’s HVST for optimising the operation. “I definitely think it’s worth it for us. We certainly recognise the pay-off a lot quicker than with the moving floor trailers we were previously using, especially given its high productivity and low cost benefits.”

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