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Building on solid foundations

  • From the August 2019 issue.
Building on solid foundations

MGM Group customises its trailer fleet with the complete range of BPW axles, disc brakes and alloy hubs to deliver cost-effective transport and logistics solutions for Australia’s mining industry.

Bunbury, Western Australia, is home to a successful family business that has delivered transport and logistics services since the 1950s. With Mario Giacci and his family at the helm, what was once a modest venture became a prominent national operation aptly named Giacci Bros.

By 2004, Mario Giacci – along with his daughter, Giuditta, and son, Michael – founded MGM Group, which was established as a supplier of reconstituted blocks, concrete and premium quarry materials to support the country’s booming mining industry. Over the next decade, MGM Group diversified by investing in more equipment and resources. 

After the sale of Giacci Bros to a public listed company, MGM added a bulk division to the Group in 2014, known as MGM Bulk and has seen significant growth in the last few years. In April 2014, the company’s fleet comprised seven prime movers and 18 trailers, but according to Workshop Manager, Allan Thomas, there are currently nearly 100 Kenworth trucks and over 300 trailers in operation built by Bruce Rock Engineering, Vawdrey Australia and Graham Lusty.

“These trailers are predominantly side and end tippers although there are about eight sets of curtainsiders and three new tanker combinations,” Allan says, explaining that about 50 per cent of the entire fleet is Performance-Based Standards (PBS) approved. “MGM Group specifies the complete range of BPW components in all trailer builds for their strength, reliability and light tare weight benefits. In fact, the business has opted for BPW axles since the 1960s. In more recent years we have also acquired second-hand equipment spec’d with BPW running gear because we depend on quality, long-term investments for rigorous mining applications.”

Allan oversees two MGM Group workshops (Picton and Port Hedland) and manages the scheduling and maintenance of the company’s road transport assets. Bringing close to three decades of industry experience to the business, Allan is instrumental in the design and selection of new vehicles.

“MGM Group services the mining companies that operate in Australia’s west, so we primarily engage in A-B bulk haulage contracts – including the cartage of iron ore to Port Hedland or shifting loads of sand, gravel and limestone to Picton – but we also offer ship loading, rail loading, storage, stockpile management and quarry services,” he says. “MGM has further diversified by using curtainsiders and flat tops to move various bagged goods. Whatever the freight task, MGM specifies trailers with BPW componentry so that they are efficient and productive.”

In addition to using BPW axles and disc brakes, MGM Group also invests in the latest BPW lightweight aluminium hubs.

“Equipment longevity is important, and we noticed how effective alloy hubs are on our Kenworth trucks, so it made sense to explore this option for the MGM trailer fleet via BPW,” Allan says. “The latest alloy hubs from BPW are essential for their heat dissipation properties, which is critical for improving component reliability. These hubs are also lighter weight in tare, saving around 20 kilograms per axle line, which is ideal for increasing the payload capacity of our tippers and tankers.”

MGM Group’s ongoing success can be attributed, in part, to its commitment to investing in the latest road transport technologies, including the selection of axles, disc brakes and alloy hubs that BPW supplies.

Fast Fact
Equipment specialist, BPW Transpec, is in the process of transitioning to QR code on the axle tags on locally assembled axles. Service technicians in a workshop environment with access to these tags will be able to see an overview of all axle components such as the bearing, wheel nuts, studs, hub and drum to improve and ease spare parts interpretation and identification.

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