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Byford adds another 26m A-double to portfolio

  • From the November 2016 issue.
Byford adds another 26m A-double to portfolio

Tanker specialist Byford Equipment collaborates with longstanding suppliers like Hella Australia as well as its customers to produce innovative solutions. Blu Logistics is one fleet that appreciates the integrated approach.

The Australian commercial road transport industry is full of long-lasting relationships that reflect the words of automotive revolutionary, Henry Ford, who famously said, “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”

A recent example of that success is now roaming the South Australian roads – a brand-new 26m A-double carting wine for Blu Logistics, which has been working with Byford Equipment for its tankers for around eight years.

“Around two-thirds of our fleet are Byford tanker. We have a 20m AB-double as well as 19m and 25m B-doubles covering farm milk collection and transport across NSW, QLD, SA, VIC and TAS,” says Blu Logistics Director, Tim Jensen, adding that traditionally, milk transport has been the Blu Logistics focus. With 95 per cent of its business in the dairy dealings, the hauler chose to commission a new tanker for the new wine transport operation. In June, Blu Logistics took delivery of the 26m A-double from Byford with Hella DuraLED lights fitted throughout. Rated to run a Gross Volume Mass (GVM) of 74.5 tonnes, the 26m unit provides a six-tonne advantage over a standard B-double. “Though some find it hard to believe, a bigger combination is a safer combination, and the Byford A-double is well designed and better for the roads, too,” Tim adds.

The Byford design is typical of Gary Byford’s constant focus on improving each design his production team manufactures in its Moama facility in New South Wales. Head of Production, Alan Wright, says that Gary is always thinking of the operator during design.

“Gary has an eye for detail, whether it’s finding ways to make maintenance simpler, or how to make the day-to-day operation more efficient. He has an unwavering focus on making his tankers easy to operate and highly functional,” Alan says.

Sometimes improvement suggestions come from his customers, Alan adds. For the new tanker, Blu Logistics brought a brand new development to the table during the design process – an ultrasonic sensor system that provides accurate tanker volume measurements via a digital display.

“Our R&D team has developed a system that removes the need for a person to climb on top of the tanker to check the volume,” Tim says. “Now, it can all be done from ground level, which is an important safety improvement.”

A second safety improvement was the use of Hella DuraLED lights across the design, including for side markers, indicators, tail and working lights. “I think the Hella lights are a good quality product, which it backs up with the lifetime warranty. Only a company that’s very confident in its products would offer something like that,” Tim says. “It gives us one less thing to worry about.”

The relationship between Hella Australia and Byford Equipment goes back decades, a bond between two manufacturers that has continued to strengthen through mutual understanding and a dedication to finding lasting solutions. Cameron Hoy, who has been with Hella Australia for the last 13 years and now holds the role of Hella Australia Segment Manager On Highway, says there are ‘fantastic synergies’ between the two companies.

Alan agrees, “A lot of it is to do with status. Hella is known as a premium light manufacturer, and Byford has a similar reputation that Gary has worked incredibly hard to maintain over the years.

“It’s his name on the back of every tanker we build so if something goes wrong, it comes back to him and he feels it. He has a very personal way of doing business, and that’s the base of any alliance we make.”

With the A-double for Blu Logistics now out on the road, Alan says that Gary is already trying to figure out what the ‘next new thing’ is: “Gary is not stuck in the current, he’s always on to bigger and better things and looking really closely at every aspect of the trailer to find areas of improvement for his customers’ next orders,” Alan says.

“We work closely with our suppliers to facilitate those improvements.”

Tim adds, “The 26m A-double is a perfect example of Byford Equipment’s integrated approach of tanker building, because it was happy to accommodate both the ultrasonic sensor system we developed and technology from Hella. It’s that attitude to teamwork that makes it all come together successfully.”

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