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Champions of Aussie authenticity

  • From the August 2020 issue.
Champions of Aussie authenticity

Fuel distributor, Kel Campbell, invests in Australian made road tankers from ATE Tankers to manage a competitive general access fleet that supports local industry.

Kel Campbell Fuel haulage distributes fuel and engages in other contracts out of Sydney into short-haul areas as far as Eden in the South, Newcastle in the North and Galong in the West. The business also has a retail arm that operates 13 Caltex-branded service stations and diesel stops in that distribution area.

The company currently uses four road tanker combinations built by ATE Tankers which were all purchased in 2020. These include two 19m tanker combinations (56,000-litre Gross Vehicle Mass – GVM – with seven compartments) and two tri-axle road tankers (45,000-litre GVM with six compartments.

Tim Campbell, Managing Director, and having worked in the business since 1994, says the latest order from ATE Tankers focuses on value “with a view to maximise payload on general access vehicles with no Performance-Based Standards (PBS) requirements”.

He adds that while PBS vehicles are an important part of Kel Campbell’s future, the particular mix of vehicles from ATE Tankers is better suited for general access.

“Two of the 19m tankers are being pulled by 2020 model Kenworth T610 SARs,” Tim says. “One is pumped, with the pump unit on the prime mover. The pumped 19m combination has a carrying capacity of 38,740kg which translates to around 45,500 litres of diesel at a utilisation rate of 100 per cent. This is around 950 litres more than some older 19m configurations we have in our fleet.”

The single tankers are paired to 2020 model Kenworth T410s which also feature pump units on the trucks.  

“The pumped tri-axle has a carrying capacity of 28,560kg which is about 34,350 litres of diesel at a utilisation rate of 100 per cent. This is around 400 litres more than some older tri-axle configurations we have in our fleet.”

Tim says the fleet has another 19m combination in build with ATE Tankers at the moment and is due for delivery early August. “It’ll be pumped with a 2020 Kenworth T610 SAR.”

One of the most important considerations for Kel Campbell is specifying road transport equipment that is Australian built for Australian conditions.

“Also, given these tankers were built to a tight budget to fit in with the contract work and keep us cost competitive against major carriers who are ‘volume buyers’, ATE delivered,” he says.

The new tankers will journey throughout Sydney, Illawarra and the South Coast of New South Wales. Tim adds these road tankers will travel on bitumen for about 99 per cent of the time.

“Part of the reason for specifying ATE Tankers was how great their equipment looks on the road when I saw another carrier using them,” Tim says. “They used trusted name brand suppliers for their equipment such as Liquip, Hendrickson, WABCO, Hella and JOST. The process of dealing with ATE was easy and even during the Covid-19 pandemic they met their strict delivery window times with zero delays.”

Australian Made
Australian Made Campaign Chief Executive, Ben Lazzaro, says ATE Tankers is a great example of Australian manufacturing excellence. “It’s clear the entire ATE Tankers has enormous pride and passion for producing the highest quality products right here in Australia,” he says. “As the country’s only certified Australian Made tanker manufacturer, the Australian Made logo helps ATE Tankers make a powerful statement about its product offering and commitment to local manufacturing.”

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