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Difference in the detail

  • From the August 2020 issue.
Difference in the detail

Muscat Trailers has built a solid reputation in the trailer manufacturing industry and its extensive repeat customer portfolio is a testament to this.

Muscat Trailers was officially founded in 1981 and the company has since gone from strength to strength, improving its designs and manufacturing techniques and in the process becoming well known for producing some of the most durable and innovative trailers available in Australia.

Manufacturers continue to grow in the Australian market, to standardise designs as a way of reducing costs. Muscat Trailers Director, Maurice Azzopardi, has always remained the same, unpretentious and modest, keeping costs down and making the trailers strong and reliable while meeting customer needs. This is supplemented by his son and CEO, Troy Azzopardi, who seeks the opportunity for innovation and exciting new developments.

General Manager, Peter Davis, leads a strong Muscat team from new apprentices and experienced tradesman to highly skilled engineers. The finished trailer is a reflection of the brand and the pride in workmanship that each and every staff member dedicates to the job, right to the very end where End of Line Manager, Michel Zlotkowski, ticks them off at handover to the client.

Muscat Trailers has a dedicated engineering team with the sole take of working with the customer. The team takes the customer from the preliminary concept, design and field testing, through to inspection and final certification. The new and unique designs are always to meet the most intricate of customer needs as well as considering safety and reliability.

Adaptability is an important characteristic for businesses in the road transport industry, especially in a fluctuating market like tipping trailers.

Muscat Trailers constantly engage and support the industry (through organisations like HVIA) which gives it the means to develop concepts that give its customers the edge over its competitors.

About six years ago, after extensive market research, Muscat Trailers saw an opportunity and a gap in the Australian market for a safe non-tipping trailer solution.

Companies have been on a mission to look for ways to improve safety on their worksites, and this has led to tipping exclusion zones and the banning of trucks being moved with bins in the raised position. While these procedures can help control the risk, they do not remove the risk completely. Add to this scenario the need to evaluate overhead risks such as powerlines, buildings and trees, you can begin to appreciate the adverse safety issues caused by raising tipping bodies.

The need for a solution was required and this is when the relationship with US based E D Etnyre was born. A family owned and operated company, like Muscat Trailers, with a history in the construction of road building equipment dating back more than a century, this operation was a perfect fit.

Since our first delivery of the Falcon component in 2015, Muscat Trailers has spent approximately 150 hours per unit, fitting and assembling key components to make them compliant for the Australian market.
Muscat Trailers saw the product as an ideal complement to its existing trailer range and has had phenomenal success, selling it to customers who appreciate this safe alternative to tippers, whilst giving them the ability to keep them at the forefront of ever-changing industry needs.

Muscat Trailers has an extensive customer portfolio, and no matter who the customer is, it treats them all with the same notable customer service experience, backing each and every one of its trailers with exceptional after sales customer service which includes product support in every state of Australia.

This was increased with the employment of Dayle Graham in Victoria. The business has expanded one step further with its new Muscat Trailers Spare Parts division, headed up by Craig Smith. With a strong emphasis on quality over quantity, the company prides itself on being a custom manufacturer that continually investigates new ways to provide its clientele with a competitive edge.

Muscat Trailers is looking forward to a big year in 2021 with some exciting plans for the celebration of its 40th anniversary.

Fast Fact
Muscat Trailers has manufactured more than 8,000 trailers over the past 40 years, keeping Australian manufacturing alive and employing Australian workers.

Fast Fact
Muscat Trailers now has a dedicated spare parts division providing customers with a one-stop shop for all its clients’ trailers needs.

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