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Fit for purpose, built to last

Fit for purpose, built to last

Furina Truck Bodies leverages technical repair expertise and extensive industry consultation to set a new standard for refrigerated transportation equipment. Supporting the business from the beginning, PFD Food Services has become its largest customer, with more than 150 of the brand’s refrigerated bodies in the fleet.

A technician by trade, Antonio Furina spent several years working for a specialist fleet supplier and repairer in the refrigerated transport sector, before starting his own refrigerated truck body repair and maintenance business, Furina Fleet Repairs.

In addition to providing repairs and maintenance services, Antonio and his team also sought to improve existing builds. Following his passion for truck body innovation – and delivering equipment designed for a longer service life – Antonio founded Furina Truck Bodies.
In an age where freight businesses tend to settle on generic rigid body imports, Antonio stands out from other manufacturers in the market by providing a personalised temperature-controlled road transport solution that is fit for purpose and built to last.

“Our main point of difference stems from the very beginning of the process – from the initial concept through to the design and execution,” he says. “These are the critical steps required to produce the best Australian built refrigerated truck bodies in the market.”

In line with this commitment to design and build refrigerated rigid bodies spec’d for reliable and long-term use on Australian roads, Furina Truck Bodies consulted with prominent freight operators. Antonio and his team learnt more about how these businesses use their road transport equipment and identified opportunities to add significant value through clever rigid body design enhancements.

Direct industry engagement gave rise to the development of Fleet-Plus body – a refrigerated truck body that uses XPS insulation to prevent moisture absorption and eliminates the risk of issues related to water retention that can occur with conventional timber and polyurethane products.

“The compressive strength of XPS also works to minimise internal sidewall damage associated with electric pallet jack operations which is a boon for long-term durability and maintenance,” Antonio says – adding that Furina Truck Bodies also provides a national after-sales support network. “For me, it’s important to know my customers can have confidence in my product and support if they ever need it.

Antonio’s partnership with PFD Food Services extends several years, having previously provided servicing and repairs for the company’s fleet.

Started in Victoria in 1943, PFD began operations as a fish distributor. Today, operating from 70 locations across Australia, PFD delivers fresh seafood and meat together with frozen products, dry goods, paper products and cleaning solutions for the food service sector. It now operates all over Australia, with a fleet of over 750 delivery vehicles – ranging from utes through to 14 pallet rigids.

When Antonio founded Furina Truck Bodies, PFD was quick to approach him for a better refrigerated transport option. For PFD Food Services National Fleet Manager, Steve Wright, it was Antonio’s willingness to discuss PFD’s requirements that piqued his interest.
“One of our main concerns was the body we bought had to outlast the chassis it was placed on,” Steve says. “Based on our discussions with Furina Truck Bodies, Antonio worked to eliminate common design faults and demonstrated his thorough understanding of rigid bodies.”

Over the past three years, PFD has added over 150 Fleet-Plus bodies to its fleet, ranging in size from six- to 14-pallet rigids which are deployed nationwide.

Steve saw the use of XPS, instead of polyurethane, as a major drawcard and put it to the test.

“This type of insulation is waterproof,” he says. “One of our greatest challenges is that most of our truck bodies are made of polyurethane, which absorbs water. If it ruptures, and water gets in, it freezes and can ultimately destroy the body. I took a piece of polyurethane and a piece of XPS and put it in a bucket of water. The polyurethane absorbed the water and sank to the bottom, while the XPS just floated on top. We’ve noticed our repair bills have come down significantly, too. Once water gets into a hole in a polyurethane body, the repair costs are huge. XPS is a structural grade of foam so it’s very difficult to rupture.”

The Fleet-Plus range also boasts exceptional thermal efficiency – with great temperature retention and fast pull down.

“For PFD this has resulted in significant savings to operational costs,” Steve says. “The Fleet-Plus rigids can cool down at least 30 per cent faster than any other refrigerated truck bodies in the fleet.”

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