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Freighter Super B-doubles revealed

  • From the April 2017 issue.
Freighter Super B-doubles revealed

Thanks to a creative PBS collaboration between Freighter and VISA Global Logistics, the freight forwarding company can now carry two 40-foot containers on B-double routes – providing a huge productivity boost.

VISA Global Logistics prides itself on being unique. From its international freight forwarding business model to the equipment in its road transport fleet, each aspect of the company has something to point to as a VISA-only aspect. All together, it’s those distinctions from the norm that have enabled the company to grow into the third-largest container handling company in Australia.

In VISA’s fleet of trailers, a case in point is the company’s most recent development: two new 30m quad/tri Super B-double skel combinations manufactured by Freighter at its factory in Ballarat, Victoria. The new design is a re-imagination of the standard 26m B-double, which can usually carry one 20-foot container and one 40-foot container. Now, the elongated trailer combinations can carry two 40-foot containers – a 33 per cent productivity increase – while maintaining the same manoeuvrability as its predecessor.

“Lengthening the A-trailer to upgrade from a 20-foot container to a 40-foot container gives VISA a massive productivity gain,” explains Matthew Watson, NSW State Sales Manager at Freighter parent company, MaxiTRANS.

Via the use of SAF-Holland steer axles at the rear of the A-trailer’s quad-axle group and the B-trailer’s tri-axle group, the 30m Super B-double combination’s turning circle equals that of a standard B-double. Designed under the high productivity Performance-Based Standards (PBS) scheme, the 30m Super B-double’s manoeuvrability makes it compliant to run on Level 2B PBS routes in Victoria, providing access to the High Productivity Freight Vehicle (HPFV) network routes with all the benefits of the extra 20 feet of container space.

The 30m Super B-double has been in the VISA fleet for just over a month and is now travelling between the Port of Melbourne and the VISA site in the western suburb of Altona. It will also operate along the HPFV network when required.

“This is just the latest in a long line of innovative PBS trailer designs that Freighter and VISA have devised together,” says Matthew. “MaxiTRANS believes in partnering to create tailored PBS solutions which suit unique customer requirements in order to maximise their individual productivity, rather than ‘one-size-fits-all’ combinations that may not necessarily suit the specific task. We provide professional advice on both the benefits and the limitations of their combinations, so that customers can make an informed, balanced purchasing decision about what’s right for them. It’s this consultative approach that we believe provides real value to customers like VISA.”

According to Scott Walker, National Transport Manager at VISA Global Logistics, the partnership between the two companies has lasted for over two decades thanks to Freighter’s ability to listen and collaborate on one-off designs. “Using purpose-built equipment is an enormous part of the VISA business strategy, so it is very important to partner with similar-minded companies like Freighter,” Scott says. “All of the equipment we use is designed to provide our customers with the best opportunities for freight efficiencies. It’s all part of our focus on customer service.”

That customer focus, Scott adds, is why VISA has experienced ‘phenomenal growth’ in the container space. “The level of attention to our customers is certainly where we stand out from the bigger companies that are our competitors. Customer service is a company culture that we live and breathe at VISA,” he says – adding that this dedication has seen VISA execute urgent container deliveries within three hours of vessel discharge.

“That customer was blown away with the service we provided,” Scott says. “We intend to maintain that level of service even as we continue to expand the business by using the most efficient and productive transport equipment possible.”

The 30m Super B-doubles align perfectly with that notion and are a gleaming example of why Performance Based Standards-approved combinations are increasing in popularity for container handling companies like VISA Global Logistics, Matthew reveals. “This latest combination is another example of why more fleets are requesting MaxiTRANS’ assistance with creating tailor-made solutions to increase their productivity via the PBS scheme,” he says.

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