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From the ground up

  • From the July 2019 issue.
From the ground up

Byford Equipment has centralised its bitumen tanker manufacturing and service centre in Melbourne to boost productivity while also providing a closer link for bitumen suppliers.

In 1975, specialist tanker manufacturer, Byford Equipment, made a name for itself, servicing Australia’s dairy industry with its innovative range of milk road tankers. These tankers were originally designed with regional road requirements and longer trip times in mind, which led to continuous innovation and refined tanker builds.

Over the years the company has expanded its services and manufacturing capabilities and is applying key principles from its milk tankers to create tankers for a variety of other niche applications including the efficient and reliable transportation of bitumen.

Demonstrating its commitment to developments in the bitumen industry, Byford Equipment has opened a new manufacturing and repair facility in Derrimut, Melbourne. The new manager of this facility, Peter Bedwell, says that Byford offers a complete service package for all internal and external repairs of bitumen tankers.
The Melbourne facility, according to Peter, is increasing its focus on customer service to ensure tankers are manufactured to client needs and repairs are available at all times.

“Byford can make tankers to suit regional or metropolitan requirements, Peter says. “In some regional areas, certain tankers are prohibited as the roads are not rated for heavier vehicles. We have very specific Performance-Based Standards configurations to suit regional road requirements.”

The Victorian Government has invested $115 million for infrastructure in country areas, making Byford’s regionally suited tankers a safe and reliable choice, Peter says. “We have used an overlay of technology as the requirements between the dairy and bitumen transport industries are similar. This ensures customers can transport higher volumes of bitumen efficiently in outer country areas.”

A key consideration for the location of the Melbourne facility in Derrimut, according to Peter, was customer accessibility.

“The Melbourne facility is in the heart of where many bitumen suppliers are based,” he says. “This means contractors come to this area to obtain bitumen regardless, and we wanted to be in a convenient location for repairs and service.”

Byford Equipment’s Melbourne service centre also has a 24-hour yard service to best serve the needs of its customers.

“If a customer needs the tanker off their site, no matter the time, they can bring it to our facility and we will have someone on hand early in the morning to facilitate repairs,” Peter says.

Byford Equipment proactively works with its customers on the service and repair front, in light of Chain of Responsibility (CoR) obligations, to ensure that vehicles are not a risk to workers and road users.
As bitumen is classified as a Class 9 Dangerous Good, Peter says this increases the importance of performing regular service and compliance checks for tanker fleets.

To service bitumen tankers, Byford Equipment offers decoking, burner tube repairs, internal valve and gasket changes, pump change-outs, barrel repairs, mechanical servicing, complete refurbishment and outer-casing repairs.

“There is a high-risk component with bitumen tankers, they need to be maintained to a safe operating condition and serviced regularly,” Peter says – adding that due to the seasonal nature of the bitumen industry, when the tankers are in season, they are working to full capacity and companies cannot afford to have vehicles off the road. “The servicing we do in the off season enables companies to hit the ground running in season, and if something does go wrong we are here to help them.”

Fast Fact
The new location of Byford Equipment’s servicing facility is centrally located next to Western Ring Road in Melbourne and aims to enable clients to save time and productivity in the height of the bitumen transport season.

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