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GRATERgate™ swings into action

  • From the November 2019 issue.
GRATERgate™ swings into action

Always on the hunt for new concepts to improve operational efficiencies and work health & safety (WHS) outcomes for its clients, Alltruck Bodies has just announced a new style of gate system for rigid truck bodies known as GRATERgate.

At first it might sound like the tale of a relationship bust up over an unwashed kitchen utensil, but according to AllTruck Bodies Managing Director, Tony Romano, nothing could be further from the truth.

The impetus behind the name, Tony says, is to emphasise the load rating capabilities of the product – in effect a greater-rated gate system that is easy to use and requires no lifting or sliding of gates by the operator when forking on or off individual pallets.

“We felt there was a gap in the pallet pick-up and delivery rigid body market for a gate system that is easy to open and is also load rated,” Tony explains. “So we developed GRATERgate to meet this criteria.”   

He goes on to expound that the gate system used on semi-trailers and B-doubles is fine for those applications where often the entire load or at least decent quantities are removed or installed in one go. But for smaller trucks doing multiple deliveries and pick-ups, often one or two pallets at a time, having a fast and simple opening gate system is far more expedient and, most importantly, minimises the risk of injury.

“We’ve found that the types of gate systems on semi-trailers and B-doubles that have the sliding gates and posts are fine for linehaul work where they open up the whole side and unload the entire trailer,” Tony continues. “But the sort of work that a lot of the 10, 12 and 14 pallet rigid curtainsiders do involves multiple drops and pick-ups of a pallet or two or four. This means the gates have to be slid out of the way at every unload or load point.

“Our GRATERgate system negates all that because you only have to open one gate at a time for each pallet – it’s just like a set of doors. In addition, the whole assembly can be slid sideways either to the front or rear to enable the loading of long items.”

Tony adds that the product has been fully engineered by Alltruck Bodies’ talented team of engineers so that purchasers can have peace of mind that if part of the load was to move sideways the gates have the necessary strength to restrain it.

“We’re always trying different things – looking for new developments and new products that will keep us one step ahead of our competitors,” he says. “Our engineering department is constantly looking at new ideas, not just those coming from management but also from our loyal customers. If someone wants something different we all put our heads together and if it’s something we believe will benefit the general market we’ll try to make it work.”

Alltruck Bodies’ GRATERgate system has been specifically developed to enable quicker, safer and easier loading and unloading of pallets.

The system utilises a sliding side post with a somewhat wider than pallet width hinged gate on each side of the post. The posts are spaced along the body at equal intervals to suit standard sized pallets.

Due to the fact that the gate hinges are bolted to the post, if a gate is damaged it can be easily replaced without the need to remove the side post or cut the gate from the post. All that is required is a spanner or socket wrench and the new gate is fitted in just a few minutes.
According to Alltruck Bodies, the rating of the GRATERgate is either 700kg or 1,100kg per pallet row, depending upon which setup of gates and post is used.

Fast Fact
Alltruck Bodies’ GRATERgate system has been specifically developed for rigid body curtain-sided vehicles to enable quicker, safer and easier loading and unloading of pallets.

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