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Holmwood Highgate’s new tanker configuration

  • From the November 2016 issue.
Holmwood Highgate’s new tanker configuration

With an experienced engineering team at its disposal, Holmwood Highgate has the ability to think outside the realm of ordinary tanker design. For a challenge put forward by Ron Finemore Transport, a new concept was born.

Wodonga-based transport company, Ron Finemore Transport (RFT), has taken delivery of an order of nine 24.5m B-double tankers from Holmwood Highgate, marking the first of the brand new tanker concept in Australia.

The never-before seen combination is the latest innovation in the long partnership between the two businesses, which spans over four decades. Throughout that time, the transport company has been able to rely on the Holmwood engineering team’s ability to seek out new solutions to whatever challenges come its way.

This time, RFT contacted Holmwood Highgate with a specific manoeuvrability conundrum. As RFT Group Fleet Manager, Laurie Brothers, explains, “There was a number of customer locations that are along 25m B-double routes, but the site access was forcing us to use 19m B-doubles due to the manoeuvrability constraints.”

What RFT wanted, Laurie explains, was a new concept integrating a forward controlled prime mover that would allow it to maximise the allowable capacity on the 25m B-double route, but with a similar swept path to a 19m B-double.

Facing the challenge head on, the Holmwood engineering team came up with a new solution that uses a combination of a shortened wheelbase, longer lead trailer and shorter rear trailer.

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