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The value of Tuff Trailers’ 6x8 steerable float

  • From the May 2015 issue.
The value of Tuff Trailers’ 6x8 steerable float

Mention logging and trailers in the same sentence and the first thing most people picture is the traditional jinker model equipped with poles. But as Tuff Trailers discovered, its 6x8 steerable low loader has become an important tool in this neck of the woods too.

Situated along New South Wales’ Pacific Highway – a well-known pathway for many Australian fleet operators – sits the picturesque town of Coffs Harbour, located some 540 kms north of Sydney and boasting a chorus of national parks and touristy attractions such as the ‘Big Banana’. Coffs Harbour is also home to Burgundy Heights, a logging transport company that has operated for more than 30 years.

Having spent much of his career working in tough and remote country terrain, Burgundy Heights Fleet Manager, Jarrod Smith, knows exactly how to handle the trying conditions. “You’ve got to know how to survive on your own especially up here in the bush. If you get hurt or your equipment breaks down for whatever reason, don’t expect help right away,” he says.

To prepare himself for the task at hand, Jarrod applies the same principles to managing the equipment that Burgundy Heights uses daily. It’s why for the first time, Queensland trailer specialist Tuff Trailers has supplied the company’s newest equipment purchase – a 6x8 widening steerable low loader that Burgundy Heights took delivery of in April.

Renowned for its work in Australia’s forestry industry, Burgundy Heights has evolved dramatically over the past 15 years, with founder, Dennis Smith, and sons Jarrod and Brad spearheading the change of direction. What started as a traditional logging company operating in the bush, the Smiths have expanded into a harvester fabrication and design business, which Burgundy Heights, in conjunction with DJM Fabrications, now supplies to local companies and exports abroad as well.

“We’ve grown into a business employing several skilled people who maintain and operate an inventory of six prime movers, six logging skel trailers, one A-trailer and a tag trailer, as well as most of the relevant equipment to the forestry industry – including excavators, bulldozers, grinders and harvesters.”

According to Jarrod, the timing was right to add Tuff Trailers’ 6x8 steerable low loader to the mix and for a number of reasons. “Unlike conventional excavators, which can be loaded on and tied down, harvesters require the boom to be stretched out on the trailer to keep the height to a minimum, as per restrictions currently in place in NSW,” he says.

“We’ve tried a 4x4 and even a 4x8 float, but those units simply couldn’t handle the size and the weight of the harvesters, hence why we opted for more axles to cater to both.

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