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Keeping good company

  • From the February 2020 issue.
Keeping good company

For more than 20 years, Muscat Trailers has sourced quality componentry from JOST Australia to add significant value to the trailing equipment it produces.

New South Wales-based trailer builder, Muscat Trailers, has been in the business of designing and manufacturing durable, efficient and reliable trailers since the 1960s. To remain competitive in an increasingly dynamic industry, the manufacturer refined its core product offering which includes truck and dog combinations, side tippers, live bottom trailers, road trains, Performance-Based Standards (PBS) trailers, converter dollies and other custom builds.

In time, the team at Muscat sought to enhance its trailers with components that align with the manufacturer’s focus on delivering high quality and durable gear. Maximising trailer longevity and reliability, Muscat draws from JOST Australia’s broad selection of truck and trailer parts.

Peter Davis, General Manager at Muscat Trailers, confirms that the trailer builder uses a selection of JOST products to complement its wide range of trailers.

“The main products that Muscat sources from JOST Australia include ballraces (single and double), landing legs, kingpins and alloy wheels,” he says. “Most of our Live Floor Falcon range are fitted with JOST kingpins, landing legs, and alloy wheels. Multiquip are now specifying JOST rims on all their builds, we currently have two A-Doubles and two quad semis in build presently that are being fitted with JOST’s EverShine alloy rims.

JOST Australia Area Manager NSW & ACT, Joey Coles, has been dealing with Muscat Trailers for the past 11 years. Since EverShine made its debut at last year’s Brisbane Truck Show, he has seen firsthand how popular this innovative JOST product is.

“EverShine are world-class forged aluminium truck and trailer rims with a mirror finish,” Joey says. “This innovation provides a clean aesthetic that will bolster the presentation of any fleet. These rims were also developed to satisfy the requirement for a low maintenance wheel with a surface finish that meets the stringent international standard ISO 9227. The advantage of using EverShine over other rims is that a sparkling finish can be maintained over a long period of time simply by regularly washing the wheels with soap and water.”

Peter says JOST supply good products that are backed by a solid support network.

“Ultimately, JOST are easy to deal with and provide excellent service,” Peter says. “All JOST components are fit for purpose, present no issues in serve and the equipment specialist even provides a backup service when required.”

Fast Fact
Muscat Trailers has introduced a new sales and service representative to its business to support customers in Victoria. The trailer builder is also bringing to market quad-axle semi live floors to complement its portfolio.

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