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Keeping things moving

  • From the March 2020 issue.
Keeping things moving

Extending on its already comprehensive offering, AMG Trailers has entered the conveyor floor trailer segment with the launch of an Australian based design, developed for the transport of asphalt and other loose materials.

Based in Western Australia, AMG Trailers produces a broad range of trailers for various industries including construction, agriculture, waste, logging, container transport, bulk transport and more. The launch of its new moving floor trailer adds to an extensive range of tippers, skels, logging trailers, waste trailers and dollies.

According to founder and owner of AMG Trailers, Glenn White, the business abides by a few simple rules. Listening to the operator and understanding their requirements, and knowing that road transport operators often work on relatively tight margins.

Committed to producing efficient, reliable trailer solutions, AMG Trailers pays attention to detail. Based on uncompromising design and quality construction, trailers are developed using the cutting edge Solidworks 3D program to ensure precision and are engineered to help operators achieve optimum payloads.

AMG Trailers specialises in trailers constructed of Hardox 450 steel, for optimum strength coupled with reduced tare weight – such as its MaxiMiser end tipper, for example. “They’re lighter, stronger and significantly less expensive than an aluminium equivalent. Being steel, they are a lot easier to repair and hold their value,” explains Glenn.

With road train capability, the new AMG Trailers conveyor floor trailer has a 27 cubic metre capacity. As transporting asphalt comes with its own unique set of challenges due to the high temperatures of the product being carried, the AMG Trailers conveyor floor features a heat and oil resistant asphalt spec belt as standard.

“We talked to quite a few operators and fleet owners involved in this type of work, and found they require roughly the same set of accessories and functionality, so this trailer was developed with everything required to suit this particular market, coupled with a sensible pricing strategy,” adds Glenn.

Transporting asphalt via a moving floor trailer rather than a tipper removes the risk of conflicting with overhead objects such as powerlines and tunnel roofs, and eliminates the risk of rollover when unloading on uneven surfaces.

The AMG Trailers conveyor floor trailer features a heavy 4” pitch chain with a reversible belt. Its wireless control system also incorporates variable speed belt control with an inbuilt soft start function. The operator can unload asphalt with a continuously variable flow, increasing safety and efficiency. All functions of the conveyor system are controlled by the wireless handset from within the truck’s cabin.

Other features of the AMG Trailers conveyor floor trailer include a high torque motor coupled to a high spec planetary transmission as standard, which provides around 20 per cent more torque than some others on the market, a dedicated chain oiler system, no in-body cross members, multi-volt EBS braking and Conmet aluminium hub axles and alloy rims.

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