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Krueger delivers new PBS Super B-double

  • From the August 2016 issue.
Krueger delivers new PBS Super B-double

Krueger Transport Equipment has just completed the construction of a new PBS-approved Super B-double skel for Canny Carrying – a purchase that will benefit the Victorian fleet’s container service in more ways than one.

The Hume Highway remains one of the Australia’s most important transport routes – over 800km of road linking Melbourne and Sydney. On the southern end of the route, family-owned Canny Carrying cherishes the highway as much as its own yard and specs its vehicles to get the most out of every trip.

Canny uses the Hume daily to transport a variety of freight, including general goods, local commodities, chemicals and farming machinery to be either exported or for its end customers in New South Wales and Queensland. “Those runs also include traveling between our Wangaratta site to our depot in Derrimut, Sydney or Albury, as well as long haul trips to Brisbane,” says Co-Director, Greg Canny. “A large portion of goods are delivered via containers, so it’s vital that our trailing gear is up to the task.”

According to Greg, who manages the business with brother Rod, Australia’s container demands have increased in recent years in what he says stems from “less manufacturers in the country”, along with the plunge of the Australian dollar, which is driving up exports. It’s why Greg always keeps a watchful eye over new developments within the transport market, knowing that more efficient solutions are just around the corner.

“You have to be mindful of the latest equipment because it can quickly change the complexity of how you operate and improve the company going forward,” he says, revealing that the current Canny fleet has over 50 trailers, including skels, curtain-siders and flat tops, much of those in B-double configuration. “For instance, Rod and I have long had aspirations of reducing the costs within the business, such as running less vehicles, yet still being able to meet our client’s requirements and provide a better service.”

Instead of adding more trucks and trailers to carry out more jobs, Greg says he has found the ideal solution to address Canny’s job requirements and still keep vehicle purchases to a minimum – making the most out of the company’s longstanding relationship with trailer expert, Krueger.

In June 2015, Greg contacted the trailer builder to brainstorm solutions on how to transport more cargo, but with fewer units. “Krueger, who we have been purchasing trailers exclusively from since 1991, suggested its PBS-approved tri-tri Super B-double skel since it not only carries up to 46 tonnes of load, 23 on each trailer, but can also be used along the Hume Highway without violating road and bridge weight regulations.

The PBS Super B-double skel also gives Canny the option of choosing between carrying four 20-foot containers or two 40-foot containers on any given trip – a capability that made Canny’s decision even easier.

“The PBS Super B-double is something new to our business and to have those choices available gives our fleet plenty of versatility,” Greg says. “It’s not just about hauling different containers in one hit, but also about being able to access any site, as well as using the trailers as singles if needed.”

The order for the PBS Super B-double was placed in August and delivered in May 2016, but as Greg explains, the combination had to “tick off a number of boxes” with the road authorities before going into service. “Not only did the Super B-double require permits approved by various industry associations for road use, but also for gaining access into a number of sites, including our own depots in Melbourne and Wangaratta,” he notes.

According to Greg, the A and B skels each measure 12.2m in length and are equipped with 12 twist locks for securing the containers, as well as Fuwa K-Hitch axles, Krueger’s certified road friendly suspension (RFS) suspension and Wabco EBS. “To meet PBS requirements, both trailers were fitted with steerable axles at the rear, to improve the B-double’s swept path when negotiating tight corners and accessing different sites.”

While Greg says the Super B-double has been built to the highest safety and engineering standards, Krueger’s willingness to understand Canny’s road requirements was also key to the purchase. “Thanks to Krueger, we have a PBS-approved combination complete with higher-than-standard capacities for not just the Hume, but for most roads along the eastern seaboard,” he says. “This Super-B double skel will not only make a difference to our overall bottom line, but ensures we can transport containerised freight with less vehicles on the road.”

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