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Leading by example

  • From the July 2020 issue.
Leading by example

Marshall Lethlean Industries – part of the CIMC Group – is committed to producing high quality road tankers more than ever during these challenging times. As the Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted markets Australia-wide, MLI continues to manufacture and celebrates a production milestone of 7,000 tankers.

While Marshall Lethlean Industries (MLI) was founded in 1973, and developed a range of semi-trailers, it was not until 1985 that the business doubled down on specialisation and made road tankers its core product focus. Over the years, through innovation, a commitment to promoting positive brand awareness and providing effective aftersales support, MLI has grown to become a leading manufacturer and supplier of liquid and dry bulk tankers in Australia.

This strong business foundation in Australia, supported by the CIMC Group’s global network, has bolstered MLI’s resilience which is especially relevant right now due to the coronavirus outbreak.

“We followed all the guidelines from the Government and put all safety measures in place,” said MLI Operations Manager, Michael Ly. “Some of these measures included distributing personal protective equipment, enforcing safe distancing, and providing additional disinfectant and access to hand sanitiser throughout the office and production site.”

MLI also reduced the number of workers per job and encouraged personnel to work from home to reduce foot traffic and risk of contamination in the office area.

Operating during the Covid-19 pandemic is challenging, according to Michael, with unemployment rising to record highs and sales for some business plummeting to all-time lows. The advantage that MLI has right now, however, is its long-term relationships with some of the biggest clients in Australia like transport and logistics company, Linfox, that consistently place large road tanker orders. The most recent MLI tanker order will help Linfox fulfil a national Caltex tender for Sydney and Brisbane.

Meanwhile, New South Wales–based trucking company, John L Pierce Transport, has specified MLI 19m B-double road tanker combinations for decades, boasting more than 20 in the entire fleet.

J L Pierce has stated that MLI 19m B-double road tankers are the best in the country.”

To date, MLI has manufactured and successfully delivered 7,000 road tankers.
“MLI stands out in the market for its capability to produce road tankers in high volume while eliminating excessive wait times,” Michael says. “To achieve this we rely on our leading and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes in Victoria. This is a massive milestone for MLI especially during this strange time.”

MLI’s key focuses for 2020, according to Michael, are to maintain consistency with producing high quality products and be the benchmark for design and quality within the trailer market.

“We offer a national network of coverage for aftersales and support,” Michael says. “MLI is at the ready to supply Australia’s transport companies with quality road tankers.”

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