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Leading the way … but importantly supporting Australian Manufacturing!

  • From the August 2020 issue.
Leading the way … but importantly supporting Australian Manufacturing!

To maintain its competitive edge in fuel distribution across the country, Purtill Group invests in efficient, reliable and innovative road transport solutions from Tieman. The operator’s latest Performance-Based Standards 30m A-double combination sets another major milestone for the successful family operation.

The Purtill family have operated in the Southern Riverina area of New South Wales since 1951. The business started in the bus industry and branched out into Caltex fuel distribution in 1974. Today, Purtill Group operates from retail site locations in Deniliquin, Mathoura, Moama, Finley, Tocumwal, Jerilderie, Hay and Barham.

The company fleet, according to Managing Director, Neville Purtill, includes three 30m A-doubles, two 25m and two 19m B-doubles fitted with pumping equipment along with eight prime movers.

The Purtill Group has invested in Tieman equipment for more than 20 years.

“Our selection of Tieman was based both on reputation and their willingness to work together to find a solution to our requirements,” Neville says – adding that the relationship with Tieman dates back to 1998 when the company invested in its first Tieman semi fuel tanker. “This particular tanker is still in the fleet and working well, but it is destined for our historic collection at ‘The Depot’ museum. “We see the Tieman and Purtill partnership as an important part of doing business, especially because it is one family business working collaboratively with another family business.”

When the time came to modernise road transport equipment and settle on the most efficient combination loading out of Caltex Newport Terminal, Neville contacted Tieman for their Performance-Based Standards expertise.

While the initial exercise of getting 30m PBS higher mass approval took Tieman nearly 2.5 years through multiple bridge and route assessments, the benefits are such that the Purtill Group are the first in industry in Victoria to now operate three Tieman 30m A-doubles from Newport fuel terminal to Hay and Deniliquin in NSW.

“PBS has enabled us to achieve huge efficiency gains,” Neville says. “The timing of our project was spot on due to both Victoria opening routes for 30m A-doubles and their bridge strengthening program. From where we started to the final approvals, the PBS approval process has become a lot easier to navigate. The latest tankers and prime movers, being identical to those previously approved, were relatively simple to add to the PBS scheme.”
The aluminium fuel tankers are all proudly built in Australia flaunting many of Tieman’s unique design features to maximise on payload, structural integrity yet having the highest quality industry finish that reflects with the Purtill Group’s new fleet image – a stunning montage of rural backdrops on the sides of each tanker showcase the industries that they deliver fuel to.

“Fleet presentation is hugely important,” Neville says. “Our fleet are mobile billboards and reflect to quality of our family business.”

Each combination is fitted with dual underslung hose reels and a Liquip Vic ‘Swift’ meterless single pump system offering pre-set gravity, pre-set metered and pre-set bulk discharge functions.

Dual underslung diesel and petrol hose reels mounted onto a lightweight aluminium frame are located on each lead 30m tanker. So, flexibility of each lead tanker delivering fuel to farms in remote western areas of NSW prior to returning to Newport allows maximum efficiency of fleet.

“The `Swift` system is another game changer – it is accepted by our drivers and simple to use,” Neville says. It mitigates any risk for error. Again, great efficiency gains in both weight and accuracy of both pump & drop deliveries.”

Superior efficiencies are achieved with increases of more than 25 per cent in payload when compared to a 25m B-double with similar specifications.

“The 30m A-doubles are a gamechanger for Purtill Group for both efficiency and safety,” Neville says. “Fewer trips means less time on the road, less chance of anything going wrong.”

The Purtill Group takes tremendous pride in being innovative in its operations and has been involved in several ‘industry firsts’ over the years including: first to deliver fuel on farm from semi-tankers in southern NSW in the 1990s, first to deliver fuel on farm from B-double tankers in southern NSW in the 2000s, and now the first to deliver fuel on farm from 30m A-doubles in Southern NSW thanks to Tieman.

“Australian manufacturing is very important to us,” Neville says. “The ability to see first-hand the quality and workmanship of Tieman Tankers has been a great benefit for us.”

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