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Lift off

  • From the November 2019 issue.
Lift off

PT Hydraulics – a hydraulic equipment supplier which has been in operation for more than 35 years – is lifting the trailer industry with the BOSS range of components.

Hydraulic systems are found throughout the trailer industry, providing a range of fluid power applications across a variety of vehicle types. The strength and reliability of hydraulic components, coupled with the ease of operation for the end user, means that they are a tried and true method of lifting, moving, pushing, pulling – utilising the necessary force when it is required.

The trailer industry harnesses the power of hydraulics in a range of different ways.

To transport large plant and equipment, plant trailers rely on hydraulics for the tilt mechanism that allows for loading and unloading of their heavy cargo.  Similarly, other transportation vehicles rely on hydraulics to provide the lowering and lift mechanism for tail gates, which allows cargo to be transported from the ground up to the cargo storage level.

Tow trucks and car carrying trailers also rely on the power of hydraulics to enable their trays to angle down to the ground – in order for cargo vehicles to be driven or winched aboard the trailer safely, and back up again to secure their loads and provide a stable towing platform.  Similarly, tipper trailers utilise hydraulic power to discharge loads. A cargo of soil, rocks or other material used in construction or being carted away following excavation can be lifted to an angle of over 60 degrees to be dislodged at the destination.

To produce the hydraulic capability for these applications, a PTO-driven pump providing flows up to 50 litres per minute or a DC power pack, is usually installed.  This is often fitted adjacent to the hydraulic cylinder and enclosed in a protective case.  A pendant switch controller operates the required tilt, lifting or lowering function, as well as the reverse operation of the unit. At the flick of a switch, hydraulic power provides a safe, reliable and effective way to lift and move heavy loads or equipment with ease. Hydraulic power packs come in all shapes and sizes, depending on the amount of force required. Some are small, compact and portable, for use with a variety of applications and others are larger and fixed into position. Generally, most hydraulic power packs will consist of a hydraulic reservoir, a gauge, pump, motor and the hoses that provide supply and relief to the system.

In a typical hydraulic configuration, the process begins with mechanical power in the form of a rotating shaft, which is then converted to hydraulic power and directed via a valve to either a cylinder or a motor, then converted back to mechanical power. This works by utilising fluid power to control the application of force. Hydraulic applications are based on flow and pressure requirements. Flow, expressed in litres per minute (lpm), determines the speed at which a hydraulic cylinder extends or a hydraulic motor turns. Flow is produced by the pump. Pressure, commonly expressed as pounds per square inch (PSI), BAR or MPA, determines the amount of force exerted. Pressure occurs when flow meets resistance, which in turn creates the force required to complete the action.

The BOSS range of hydraulic components, by PT Hydraulics, is reported to be perfect for use in applications by the trailer manufacturing industry. With a long history of supplying hydraulic solutions to the Australian and New Zealand market, PT Hydraulics is renowned for providing quality and value to industries including the mining, transport, rescue, rail, waste management and industrial sectors. 

PT Hydraulics is also the exclusive supplier of the Lukas brand of hydraulic rescue equipment, widely known as the ‘jaws of life’. Just as emergency services depend on the reliability and durability of these products, the BOSS brand of hydraulic solutions for the transport industry are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards.

“With a range of solutions to cater for the various requirements and specific needs of the Transport industry, the team at BOSS will ensure that you have a quality system at a good honest price, to get the job done, so, you can let your BOSS do the hard work,” said PT Hydraulics. “For more information on hydraulic systems and components for the trailer industry, call 1300 BOSS HYD or email:”

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