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Lusty EMS A-double makes history

  • From the August 2016 issue.
Lusty EMS A-double makes history

In purchasing the first ever Drop Deck Tip Over Axle Tipper from Lusty EMS as part of a PBS-approved A-double combination, Queensland-based Paton’s Bulk Haulage has joined its town’s history books as a transport industry leader.

Arguably the most well known feature of the small inland town of Jondaryan, Queensland, is its heritage-listed Woolshed. With over 150 years leading it from its original incarnation as a shearing shed for settling pioneers to its current form as a restaurant and function centre for the residents in the Toowoomba region, the Woolshed is a snapshot of the area’s history.

Across the highway from the Woolshed in Jondaryan is Paton’s Bulk Haulage, a road transport institution that is playing its own part in the history of the area, with over 20 years providing a tailored transport service specialising in grain and fertiliser. “Paton’s has been a fixture of Jondaryan since the company started in 1996. I reckon all the locals recognise our fleet of Kenworth and Western Star trucks running through the town,” says Paton’s Bulk Haulage Owner, Adrian Paton.

Paton’s is also making a name for itself in the wider road transport industry for its adoption of new technology, taking delivery of a Performance-Based Standards (PBS) A-double combination from Lusty EMS in July 2016. At the front of the combination is a drop deck chassis tipper, followed by a Lusty EMS road train dolly. At the rear of the combination is the trailer brand’s first ever Drop Deck Tip Over Axle (TOA) Tipper, which Adrian says increases his productivity and solidifies the transport company’s place as an industry leader.

MaxiTRANS’ Queensland Area Sales Manager, Mal Peppin, explains that by expanding its Drop Deck Tipper range to include a TOA, Lusty EMS is able to supply a trailer with an even lower tare weight. “The Lusty EMS Drop Deck Chassis Tipper was released last year and has been a very successful addition thanks its increased cubic capacity over a conventional tipper,” he said. “Adding the TOA to the drop deck range allows operators to also carry extra weight on top of the increased capacity.”

According to Mal, each drop deck gives Adrian a 5m3 increase in capacity per trailer over a conventional tipper, while operating under PBS provides further gains. “Being under the PBS scheme, Adrian’s business is able to run at higher load limits as opposed to what’s generally allowed,” Mal explains.

“That means with PBS A-double approval, Paton’s can run these tippers as a two-trailer road train with a tandem axle dolly, giving it an allowable payload of around 56 tonnes. Without PBS A-double approval, you can only run B-double configurations with a payload of around 41 tonnes, so with this combination we are able to provide a 37 per cent increase in productivity for Paton’s.”

“Under the PBS scheme, we’re able to transport more grain and fertiliser than we ever could before,” says Adrian, who explains that the increase in allowable payload also comes from the extra space provided by the drop deck concept. “Thanks to the expert engineering from the team at Lusty EMS in Richlands, we’ve been able to run a gross weight of 79 tonnes at GML, or at 81 tonnes at CML on the Toowoomba to Brisbane route.”

The drop deck design also has benefits outside of increasing the capacity of the combination, Mal says, adding that there are considerable safety perks too. “The lower centre of gravity helps stabilise the load mass, which is an important factor when applying for PBS approval,” Mal explains. “As part of the MaxiTRANS Group, which is a specialist in the Performance-Based Standards scheme, Lusty EMS can help all its customers get the most out of their equipment.”

The A-double is already hard at work running between the Queensland capital and Toowoomba, marking the first Performance Based Standards-approved trailer in the Paton’s Bulk Haulage fleet. “Without adding any more trucks to the road, we’re transporting tonnes more cargo,” Adrian says. “It’s not only a more efficient use of our prime movers, but minimising the vehicles on the road is safer for the local community too.”  

With the Jondaryan residents in mind during equipment purchasing, Paton’s Bulk Haulage is as much a part of the Queensland town as its historic Woolshed, leading the town into the future with its uptake of the newest trailing technology. “PBS combinations are the future for safe cartage and Adrian is leading the way. Now that it has the first ever Lusty EMS Drop Deck Tip Over Axle, Paton’s is making history,” says Mal.

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