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O’Phee builds PBS A-double skel

  • From the March 2014 issue.
O’Phee builds PBS A-double skel

Openness to change and renewal is what brought O’Phee Trailers and Qube Logistics together in 2011 to explore how PBS-approved equipment could benefit the emerging business. The result is a vehicle that has all the potential to revolutionise road transport on the eastern seaboard.

Sooner or later, all businesses, even the most successful ones, run out of room to grow. Faced with that reality, they are compelled to reinvent themselves periodically. The ability to pull off this difficult feat – to jump from the maturity stage of one business to the growth stage of the next – is what separates high performers from those whose time at the top is all too brief.

Qube Logistics is one business that has truly mastered the art of staying relevant in Australia's ever-changing logistics industry since it was founded in 2010 after investment trust KFM Diversified Infrastructure and Logistics Fund acquired Kaplan Equity and became the standard operating company we now know as Qube.

In the trailer building industry, the ability to reinvent oneself is equally crucial, and many a company struggled to do so when the complex Performance Based Standards (PBS) scheme arrived in Australia. Brisbane’s O’Phee, however, embraced it from day one, transforming itself into a leading PBS expert on the eastern seaboard.

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