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Over and above

  • From the July 2019 issue.
Over and above

One of Australia’s leading bespoke trailer manufacturers, TopStart Trailers, trusts Valspar Industrial Mix coatings, manufactured by Sherwin-Williams, to consistently provide the high-gloss surface finish befitting its top-shelf trailers.

Leading trailer producer TopStart has been using Valspar Industrial Mix coatings for more than five years and according to the company’s Operations Manager, Jimmy Bouzinelos, not only has the product met TopStart’s high expectations, but the Sherwin-Williams people have gone above and beyond in their quest to provide the ultimate levels of customer service.

“We have a lot of customers who really take immense pride in their trailers and want the best possible paint finish,” Jimmy says. “Since we’ve been using Valspar paint we have not had an issue with the quality of the paint finish on any of the trailers we have produced.”

Jimmy goes on to explain that the Valspar Industrial Mix has the capability to be applied wet-on-wet, meaning after the undercoat is sprayed on, the top coat can be applied virtually straight away which markedly reduces the overall painting time.
“Where it used to take three days to paint a trailer, we can now do the job in one day which means a massive saving of resources.

“We’re very happy with the Valspar product,” Jimmy continues. “The gloss finish and the coverage are superb. Particularly with the red colour that we use on a lot of our customers’ trailers, it seems to hold its shine really well for a long period.
“Some of our customers have trailers that are five to six years old and were built when we first started using Valspar Industrial Mix – they still have that shiny newly-painted look. They take a lot of pride in the appearance of their trailers and having the best possible paint finish is very important to them.”

One of the critical points of paint application is that the painter must be happy with the product, particularly the way it flows onto the item being painted. In this respect Jimmy says the Valspar coatings are well regarded by TopStart’s painters.

“One of our painters was a big fan of another brand of paint that we used, but now that he’s come onboard with Valspar he couldn’t be happier,” Jimmy says. “He reckons it’s easy to mix, sprays really well and gives a great off-the-gun gloss finish.”

Another impressive feature of the Valspar undercoat, according to Jimmy, is the way it is made to match the colour of the topcoat. This means chips or scratches that occur on the topcoat through everyday use are nowhere near as noticeable.

“I really love how they make the undercoat to colour, so if we paint red the undercoat is red or if we paint blue the undercoat is blue,” Jimmy explains. “That way when a blue trailer gets chipped you see the blue undercoat which makes the chip far less obvious than if the undercoat was grey, for example.”

Along with such a glowing endorsement for the product, Jimmy also holds in high esteem the people from Sherwin-Williams who, he relates, have exceeded his expectations in terms of their customer service.

“They really put themselves out initially to demonstrate the product,” he says. “They spent the whole day painting a trailer with my painter free of charge and with no obligation for us to buy it.

“That’s what really sold me – the fact that they were willing to go the extra mile to make sure we were happy with the outcome, rather than just trying to sell us the paint.”

Jimmy says this high level of customer service has continued unabated, citing another example of the Sherwin-Williams people going above and beyond the call of duty.

“One Sunday we blew a line on the painting equipment and lost a lot of paint, meaning we couldn’t finish the job. I called them up and they sprang straight into action, went to the warehouse and mixed the paint and brought it right over to us.

“With that sort of A1 service, they’ve got me for life. You just don’t expect someone to do that for you on a Sunday and I wouldn’t expect it all the time. But the one time we were stuck, I rang them and they came to our rescue straight up.”

All up, the picture Jimmy paints is of a company with great products that backs them up with unbeatable customer service and support.

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