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Over and above

  • From the February 2020 issue.
Over and above

Specialising in portable building, container and industrial generator rental and transport, Camden Hire recently invested in a new Palfinger PK 26 002 EH crane mounted at the rear of a new DAF 8x4 rigid truck.

Camden Hire is a rental company based at Camden in south-west Sydney that has been in operation since the early 1980s.

The business was started by Mike Scarce who is now ably assisted by his son, Mark. The company serves the construction industry in greater Sydney with a hire service for a range of portable buildings, ablution blocks, large generators and other machinery.

In addition to a Mercedes-Benz 6x4 rigid and a DAF 8x4 rigid, both of which sport rear-mounted Palfinger cranes, the company also runs a fleet of smaller table-top trucks also equipped with cranes for delivery and pickup of smaller rental plant and equipment.

As for the company’s ‘big guns’ – the two Palfinger-equipped heavy rigids – Mike says the decision to specify a new Palfinger for the latest truck was largely based on the sterling service provided by the Palfinger crane on the Mercedes truck that was bought second-hand.

“The Mercedes was previously owned by Integral Energy and was a late model, low kilometre unit complete with the Palfinger crane when we bought it,” Mike says.“We’ve always been happy with the Palfinger crane on this truck – it’s been ultra-reliable and we have been well served by (Palfinger Service Partne) Maxiquip at Ingleburn, which is only about a 25 minute drive from our depot. On the rare occasion that we needed spare parts they were always readily available and the workmanship of Maxiquip, in our view, is second to none.

“So as the business continued to grow and we realised we would need another large crane truck, we had complete confidence in Maxiquip supported by Peter Seagrott (Palfinger Australia) to supply us with the right Palfinger crane to suit our requirements.”

The 8x4 DAF truck was purchased from Gilbert & Roach at Huntingwood (western Sydney) as a package deal with the correct chassis length, wheelbase and body length to carry the portable buildings hired out by Camden Hire. It was then taken to Maxiquip where the Palfinger crane was installed.

According to Mike, the entire process was absolutely seamless and he says he was highly impressed with the way Gilbert & Roach, Palfinger Australia and Maxiquip worked together to deliver the unit in a specification that precisely met the company’s requirements.

“The complete truck and crane was a package deal through Gilbert & Roach and there were discussions between Palfinger and Maxiquip about the size and series of crane that would best suit our needs,” Mike says. “We’ve been very pleased with the combination since it went into service – it’s working very well for us.” 

The Palfinger PK 26 002 EH crane has a long list of features that make it highly versatile in a wide range of applications. For example, the Power Link Plus is a 15-degree reverse linkage system enabling the crane to reach through low door openings and also work inside buildings.

The variable stabiliser positioning of the High Performance Stability Control System makes it possible to utilise the lifting capacity to the maximum and enables working within tight spaces.

The low-maintenance extension system is reported to reduce service time. It incorporates low-friction sliding elements made of synthetic material. The High Speed Extension means the crane works faster and more efficiently.

Palfinger’s Paltronic 50 offers the latest control electronics available in series production cranes. All critical information about the crane can be viewed at the main control console. A digital indicator counts and displays the operating hours. Ergonomic control levers and the optional lighting package provide increased safety and comfort even in poor visibility conditions.

The KTL surface coating lays the foundation for optimum surface protection. The components are either powder-coated or finished with a two-pack topcoat, both of which are said to provide excellent corrosion protection for the life of the crane.

Speaking about the operation of the DAF and the Palfinger crane, Mike says both have been faultless since day one, with no teething problems whatsoever.
“The driver loves it, you can’t get him out of it,” he says.

Looking to the future, Mike says the company is planning to purchase a dog trailer to go behind the DAF which will double the carrying capacity and optimise the usefulness and versatility of the Palfinger crane.
“It’s part of our long-term strategy to increase our capacity and efficiency, ensuring maximum utilisation of our assets.”

Fast Fact
A Palfinger PK 26 002 EH crane mounted on a DAF 8x4 heavy rigid truck makes light work of lifting portable buildings and generators for Camden Hire.

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