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Pride and loyalty

  • From the August 2020 issue.
Pride and loyalty

Safety and reliability are of paramount importance for Hitchcocks Haulage. To modernise its fleet and remain competitive in its diverse operations, the family business specifies road tanker combinations from Tieman.

Hitchcocks Haulage is based in Bomaderry, New South Wales, and was founded by Jim and Ida Hitchcock in 1971. The business initially traded as Jim Hitchcock Haulage and expanded its services to support general freight, paper and bulk liquid products. In 2005, Colin and Jayne purchased Jim Hitchcock Haulage from their parents and now trade as Hitchcocks Haulage.

Colin and Jayne diversified into dry bulk starch transport in 2013 for Manildra Group and also manage packaging industry contracts for companies like Orora.

“Our first experience with a Tieman tanker was when we purchased one in the acquisition of another business in 1993,” Colin says. “We have been a loyal Tieman customer ever since and have purchased quite a few stainless steel chemical tankers over the years.”

To ensure a safe, reliable and productive fleet, Colin specified additional road tanker combinations from Tieman as equipment replacements.

This year, Hitchcocks Haulage has taken delivery of O.ME.P.S tri-axle single and 25m B-double aluminium tipping dry bulk tanker combinations for carrying starch. These combinations are manufactured by O.ME.P.S in Italy – a family business that partnered with Tieman in 2008 for distribution of their tankers throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Tieman satisfied Colin’s requirement for fitment of Hendrickson running gear, made possible with a O.ME.P.S unique bolt-on steel hanger design which allows for any brand of suspension and axles to be fitted. Other European manufacturers use welded aluminium hangers hence Hendrickson cannot be used. So O.ME.P.S ability and offer to customise simply meant shipping the Hendrickson suspension and axles to Italy for fitment.

“All of our trailers are fitted with Hendrickson Intraax suspension,” Colin says. “If a trailer supplier can’t supply us with Hendrickson we simply don’t buy that brand. This was no problem at all for Tieman.”

(Image: Colin and Jayne Hitchcock.)

The 29-cubic-metre B-double lead tipping tanker has a steel chassis. Both the 55-cubic-metre B-double rear and tri-axle single 55-cubic-metre tankers are designed to optimise payload. They feature aluminium chassis which are independent of the tipping vessel. There are many robotic welding processes used on the vessels and chassis during manufacture guaranteeing premium weld quality and integrity. The lightweight aluminium chassis offer maximum payload every load.

The tankers are fitted with dual sided top walkways, collapsible handrails and O.ME.P.S 500mm diameter quick release loading hatches with only four cam levers. The circumferential welds are ground flat inside the vessel to allow free flow of the product to the discharge cone when tipped. To assist with product cleanout at the end of the load, a pneumatic vibrator is fitted at the rear to the underside of the vessel.

The discharge cones are manufactured from polished stainless steel, they are hinged and bolted for access and cleaning the inside of the tanker. They are fitted with five Solimar aerators which provide an effective aeration zone to fluidise the starch for discharge.

The tankers are fitted with WABCO Electronic Braking Systems (EBS) and side underrun protection rails offering the highest level of safety.

A diesel drive compressor power pack is fitted to the rear tanker of the B-double. The package is powered by a Hatz 4L41C engine which drives a Power Take-Off (PTO) mounted hydraulic pump to tip the vessels and a Gardner Denver XK18 screw compressor to pneumatically discharge the tankers. This package provides the optimum balance of air flow and pressure to quickly and quietly discharge the tankers.

The tankers are pressurised for discharge via the 3” polished stainless steel airlines, Solimar aerators in the discharge cone and the 2” top airline which enters the vessel at the front. A 2” air release system is fitted, enabling the operator to reduce the vessel pressure by opening a ball valve at ground level.

“These new tankers are about 1.5 tonnes lighter than the old ones,” Colin says. “We have always had a very good relationship with the Tieman management and family and we expect that to continue for years to come.”

Geordie Fairweather, Tieman Business Development Manager – Dry Bulk, visited O.ME.P.S’ factory in Italy in 2019 and met with the owner, Mr Munzio, and his team.

“Having been involved with the dry bulk tanker industry for over 20 years, I was really impressed with their engineering and manufacturing quality,” Geordie says. “They are passionate about their business and their readiness to customise tanker designs and specifications ensures fit for purpose, high quality equipment.”

Tieman, Geordie says, now stocks an extensive range of dry bulk spare parts, bringing world leading products, technical support and excellent customer service to the market. “A best in industry quality lightweight aluminium tanker product, combined with in-house expertise in Performance-Based Standards (PBS), ensures Tieman has great solutions for everyone’s dry bulk freight task to maximise extra payload and efficiencies.”

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