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  • From the February 2020 issue.

Bulk Waste Transport’s latest delivery of Performance-Based Standards–approved 48’ wedge quad-axle trailers – fitted with HALLCO’s BRUTE drive system and heavy duty leak proof LIVE FLOORS – from PUMPA Manufacturing epitomise operational performance and road transport technology at its finest.

A bulk waste carrier in the Sydney basin, Bulk Waste Transport (BWT) operates 60 prime movers, mostly Volvo trucks, that tow numerous trailing equipment configurations; including tri-axle trailers, Performance-Based Standards (PBS) quad-axle trailers, 19m B-doubles and 26m load through B-doubles.

With accreditation in ISO for quality, work health and safety, and the environment, as well as National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme (NHVAS) credentials in maintenance and mass, BWT Operations Manager, Bruce Wright, says the business has all the robust safety and management systems in place to best serve the needs of its clients.

Bruce is charged with the day-to-day operations of the BWT’s transport fleet and workshop.

“We transport most waste products from 18 sites within the Sydney basin and various New South Wales (NSW) country areas, which include putrescible [solid, organic] waste, dry waste, comingle, baled and loose cardboard, builders waste, green waste, recycled processed wood waste (alternative fuel), and are involved in transporting waste for product destruction,” he says.

In Bruce’s experience, leak-proof trailers generally take longer to unload due to the length of the stroke. In consultation with Victorian trailer builder, PUMPA Manufacturing, BWT recently invested in three Performance-Based Standards–approved 48’ wedge quad-axle trailers featuring HALLCO BRUTE® front-mounted drive systems and Hallco Industries’ heavy duty 20mm LIVE FLOORS®.

BWT will use the new trailers from PUMPA to load putrescible and general waste, residuals & ADC (light plastics) from a number of transfer facilities in Sydney and regional NSW and unload at landfills in western and southern Sydney. Each unit is expected to complete between three-to-six loads daily.

“PUMPA suggested we use a Hallco moving floor HALLCO LIVE FLOOR® as it has options to add more floor slats, in this case 18, which will decrease the unload time and should unload in about the same time as a non-leak proof trailer,” Bruce says – explaining that the new trailers from PUMPA unload in approximately 12 minutes compared to the older leak-proof trailers which can take up to 20 minutes. “Our drivers are happy with the fleet upgrade which not only improves operational efficiency but has also proven to be a cost-effective decision.”

The latest trailers from PUMPA boast a 103-cubic-metre and quad-axle build which has PBS approval to run at Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) of 50.5 tonnes.

“It’s important to have the latest technology in the business so that we can carry the larger loads,” Bruce says. “This enables BWT to move more waste in fewer loads, which is more efficient for the customer and contributes to the overall efficiency and performance of the business, as well as being beneficial to the environment which is important to BWT.

The 48’ wedge quad-axle trailers are also fitted with hydraulic flip tarps and hydraulic self-locking rear doors, these features keep the drivers safely away from moving parts or loads.

“On these new 48’ quad PUMPA trailers, the controls for the lids and floor operation are at the front of the trailer, and the rear door is operated on the right side in the middle of the trailer,” Bruce says. “Our PUMPA B-double sets are totally operational from within the cab. This was a feature our client wanted to eliminate the driver leaving the cab and exposing himself to a number of safety concerns on their site.”

Bruce has found the team at PUMPA quite responsive and understanding of the requirements of the waste industry. “PUMPA has been associated with our business for a number of years, delivering quality products on time and on spec, which will ensure an ongoing relationship with BWT,” he says. “Mike Bulluss and Jason King have a talent for designing and building trailers with the latest technology and innovation, making them stand out within the industry.”

Fast Fact
The PUMPA self-locking rear door system and flips lids utilise the trailers hydraulic system for power, making them very reliable. The positioning of the controls provides the drivers with a safe working environment away from any moving parts of the trailer or load.

Fast Fact
The BRUTE® design allows trailer manufacturers to build complete leakproof units, moving the hydraulic unit to the front of the trailer this also provides more efficient weight distribution and increased carrying capacity.

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