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Pumping innovative solutions

  • From the November 2019 issue.
Pumping innovative solutions

Since entering the Australian market in 2012, Haar Australia has continued to kick many goals in the fuel handling equipment sector, pioneering a variety of innovative solutions that have been embraced by fuel transport fleets across the country.

Haar Australia was established when its founder and Managing Director Ivan Lawrie partnered with the Haar family to establish a local business that could bring the best of Alfons Haar technology to Australia, adapting it to local conditions and local market needs.

Alfons Haar is a German fuel handling equipment business founded in 1949. Based in Hamburg, it is named after its founder – Alfons Haar. Alfons Haar is a truly global operation, employing more than 400 staff across 17 offices dotted throughout Europe, Africa and of course, Haar Australia, which is headquartered in Sunshine West in Melbourne.

Since launching, Ivan says Haar Australia has delivered the local industry with many innovations and a number of firsts. Among these firsts were its air rewind hose reels (previously all hydraulic), gravity meters with pre-set controls to enable split compartment measuring into underground tanks, large digit displays for the fuel industry (previously only used on airfield refuellers), fuel metering systems where both petrol and diesel could be delivered using a single pump and meter, standard metering systems of up to 1,000 litres per minute, an adaptive pre-set which constantly tunes itself for precise pre-set delivery to within 0.1L, temperature sensors on pumps to prevent running dry and burning, close coupled hydraulic motor on pumps, an operator adjustable pneumatic bypass on a pump, fully bi-directional pumps, PTO mounted pumps, integrated tank gauging and metering on a single display, an intrinsically safe bus for power and data to the metering system component (the PreciBUS), an EN standardised open industry communication protocol between onboard computing systems and vehicle based metering systems (Fuel Truck Link), completely automated manifold delivery systems, onboard vehicle based system diagnostics to all our metering systems, integrated additive injection for road tanker fleets, and the list goes on.

Haar Australia operates from its company owned office and warehousing facility, which features a purpose built 1,100 square metre space, where it stocks over $2 million worth of equipment.

“We saw a need for new fuel metering and pumping technology in an industry that had not changed and had no new technology for many decades,” says Ivan. “Our metering systems have evolved constantly since 1949 in a European market with heavy competition and constantly evolving technology; so we knew we would be able to introduce the Australian industry to a better way of metering fuel, and at the same time encourage some local system development and drive the industry towards global standards.”

“Our motto has long been to promote standards, and compete on technology. This results in a long term win for industry”

The Alfons Haar catalogue includes a wide range of bulk fuel pumps, fuel handling valves, tanker equipment, hose reels, specialised aviation fuelling equipment, ship based onboard helicopter fuelling systems, HIFR helicopter inflight fuelling systems, tank gauging, LPG metering systems, fuel metering systems, aviation fuel metering, AdBlue metering systems, as well as oil free compressors for the bulk powder transfer industry.

Haar Australia supplies aviation refueller builders in Australia and New Zealand with specialist aviation fuelling equipment, including its PreciFUEL metering and fuel operational logic control system. Some of the company’s military customers include BAE which it provides with helicopter fuelling systems and integrated logistics support for existing systems; the Department of Defence and New Zealand Dept of Defence, local builders Holmwood Highgate and Haulmark with their Land Systems projects, and Refuel International with its military aviation refuelling needs.

Haar Australia has worked with many of the country’s major tanker builders and metering system integrators to deliver its bulk fuel metering systems across the industry. Over that time, its bulk fuel pumps have been very well received, thanks to their dramatically reduced size and weight, easy installation and whisper quiet operation. Now these pumps are standard fitment across many large fuel transport fleets.

At Haar Australia, the range of pumps are wide and diverse. The company stocks over 100 pumps of various sizes – from 2” through to 4”, along with a 6” pump that delivers up to 4,000 litres per minute. 

Ivan adds that Haar Australia’s hose reels have also become an industry standard. “We have introduced the industry to air rewind motors which are totally silent and allow the hose to be retracted with the truck turned off,” he says.

“We manufacture all of our own components and are possibly the only company in the world manufacturing our own pumps, meters and fuelling components under one roof. While others are mainly system integrators, Alfons Haar manufactures the individual system components, which enables us to develop these specifically to suit the application.”

Haar Australia believes there is no one size fits all approach to metering equipment. As such, it has progressively introduced metering systems to suit a wide variety of fuelling applications.

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