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REDARC on advanced manufacturing technology

  • From the August 2020 issue.
REDARC on advanced manufacturing technology

REDARC Electronics is an advanced electronics manufacturer widely recognised for its range of Australian Made heavy vehicle products. The proud family-owned business is based in Lonsdale, South Australia.

REDARC’s products, according to Managing Director, Anthony Kittel, benefit from an ever-increasing level of quality and rugged durability, through continuous improvement, world class manufacturing processes and capability to test products to the extremes.
In October 2018, REDARC’s upgraded facility officially opened with an additional 3,000-square-metres of advanced manufacturing and testing space.

“A credit to REDARC’s success, and future success is our focus on innovation, building a team-based culture and our willingness to embrace risk,” Anthony says.

A peek behind the curtain reveals the breadth of REDARC’s $22m expansion investment to meet increasing demand and expand the in-house testing capabilities.

The technology that produces printed circuit boards changes rapidly. REDARC’s new Surface Mount Technology (SMT) line is specified so highly that it is one of few in the world, placing components twice as fast as their older model, and allowing the company to ramp up production by 250 per cent.

The HALT/HASS (Highly Accelerated Life Testing and Highly Accelerated Stress Screening) compresses the time required to determine the life of the product and identifies potential weaknesses in the design. It tests to extreme temperatures from +200°C to -100°C and uses a vibration platform to ensure our products can withstand extreme conditions across Australia and the world.

The AGREE or ‘Shake & Bake’ Chamber (named after the US military consortium that first issued specifications requiring their use) is a combination of an electro-magnetic shaker and climatic chamber that simulates 10 years of a product’s life in two days.

The Semi-Anechoic Electro-Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) Chamber is a multi-functional EMC test facility and complies with international immunity and emission test standards which ensures products won’t interfere with each other, communications systems etc causing static, which is typically picked up on the drivers radio, and ensures the products themselves are not affected by any of these EMC generating systems.

“Manufacturing heavy vehicle safety products at our facility also provides capability to meet a range of stringent local and international quality standards,” Anthony says.

For example, the Battery Master Isolation Switch (BMIS) exceeds the requirements of the charging systems on large diesel engines in 12V and 24V systems and features an ISO 26262 rated dual redundancy system to avoid false triggering. The Roll Over Sensor (ROS) is resilient to truck electrical environments, immune to vibration, shock, electrical transients and is rated to IP66, IP67 and IP69K.

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