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Rising to the challenge

  • From the October 2019 issue.
Rising to the challenge

South Australian business, Quinn Transport, specifies BPW gear for its road transport fleet and farming equipment to thrive in an agriculture-rich yet drought-stricken region.

The unpredictable nature of farming in South Australia, a direct result of extreme weather conditions, has prompted many operators in the state to diversify their businesses to stay afloat. For Quinn Transport, the trucking company manages a broad range of transport tasks ranging from livestock cartage and bulk haulage to refrigerated transportation and general freight.

Rodney Quinn launched the business in 1966 with one truck and now his son, Scott, manages the entire operation, running a fleet of around 25 prime movers and mix of 100 trailers.

“Over the years we have seen payloads of 55 tonnes, then 60 tonnes and in recent years we’ve increased productivity with AB-triples which were originally at 99 tonnes,” Scott says. “Now with Higher Mass Limits (HML) we can cart 108 tonnes which gives us a payload of around 70-tonne so we use fewer trucks to complete the task which is a good thing.”

Scott says the trailer fleet is a diverse mix in terms of age and type, and his team receives regular BPW product training onsite to stat up to date.

“We are always looking for good second-hand equipment because with the Grain Industry being so varied with the droughts, we need to be able to park our equipment for long periods of time when not required.

“If we do buy new trailers, we’ll spec BPW. The oldest set we have is on a Freightmaster flattop that my father bought new in 1997 and it hasn’t missed a beat. Our fleet is probably over 50 per cent BPW now, with the others being a mix of everything depending on what the second-hand trailers had fitted at the time.”

One of the latest additions to the Quinn Transport fleet is an A-double set of Barker 45’ walking floor waste trailers fitted with BPW Eco Plus 3 axles.

“We dealt with Kane Wagnet at CMV Trucks whom is the Barker Agent in South Australia,” Scott says. “They were great to deal with and the trailers are performing to all expectations. They are currently working from Port Lincoln to Veolia’s Port Neill land fill site.”
Along with the new set of Barker trailers, Scott purchased a new set of Byrne Livestock B-double crates, also with the BPW Eco Plus 3 axles.

Quinn Transport continues to service the Eyre Peninsula towns of Cowell, Cleve, Arno Bay and Darke Peak through the cartage of all goods required by local business and farmers throughout the region. The company’s reliance on road transport bolstered by BPW componentry shows that the second-generation family business is committed to delivering a consistently reliable and quality service across its diverse transport portfolio.

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