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Rolling performance that counts

  • From the November 2019 issue.
Rolling performance that counts

Trailer builders like Sloanebuilt specify Goodyear’s range of high performance tyres for a variety of equipment builds including Performance-Based Standards–approved combinations.

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company started in 1898 with thirteen workers producing bicycle and carriage tyres.  In 1915, Goodyear expanded to Australia and now has a network of over 200 Beaurepaires stores servicing both passenger and commercial tyres nationally.

Goodyear recognises that having a quality range of commercial tyres is very important to fleet operators, so they have in place a local Field Engineering team who are integral to the development of tyres designed specifically for the Australian market. The Goodyear line haul trailer tyre, the Marathon LHT II is a great example of this.

The original line haul trailer tyre was developed for the European market and when tested here was found to develop uneven wear across the tread.  It was deemed unsuitable for Australian conditions in its current form. The tyre was working well in Europe so an in-depth analysis of service conditions in Australia and Europe were undertaken. This review highlighted significant differences in these conditions and was found to be largely due to the differing load and inflation pressures adopted between the regions. 

In Europe the tyre was being used close to the rated load and appropriate inflation pressure while Australian fleets only use about 60 per cent of the rated load due to axle group load limits.  However Australian fleets are reluctant to use the lower inflation pressures required. It is not uncommon to see typical inflation pressures at 100psi many trailer tyres. A lower inflation pressures is required to give the desired footprint shape in the tyre for optimal performance. 

It was clear that Australia needed a line haul trailer tyre that was designed to meet real life Australian service conditions.
The European design team in the Goodyear Innovation centre in Luxembourg and the Goodyear Australian field engineering team worked on a new design to cope with typical loads and inflation pressures experienced here. Predictive design work provided a footprint shape and pressure map more in line with Australian requirements. Prototype tyres were manufactured, and a testing plan was established in major line haul routes along the eastern seaboard. Test results confirmed that the tyre provided a flat and even wear profile with excellent treadwear.

Sometime after its introduction, the tyres were given a tread pattern ‘facelift’ to the new Marathon LHT II pattern while the mould cavity shape, footprint, tyre construction and compounds all remained unchanged. Goodyear’s field engineering team confirmed the performance of the tyre with focus tests that proved the tread wear on the Marathon LHT II to have 15-20 per cent mileage improvement over another major brand tyre. 

These days the Goodyear Marathon LHT II tyre is used in large fleets and by trailer manufacturers who are looking for a low rolling resistant premium trailer tyre offering. 

Sloanebuilt Trailers was established in the mid 1970s. In the mid 1980’s Fred and Helen Marano took on the business and has since built a reputation for manufacturing quality tipping trailers and bodies that are custom built to suit customer requirements. Their emphasis on quality, performance, reliability and innovation has led to a strong partnership with Goodyear for sourcing high quality trailer tyres that will meet and exceed customer expectations for durability and endurance. Scott Winter from Sloanebuilt Trailers says that the Goodyear LHTII symbolises quality in line with Goodyear trailers and meets all our Performance-Based Standards requirements. We sell our trailers all over the country and it comforting to know that Goodyear has over 200 locations if we need support.”

Goodyear’s Marathon LHT II is available in 11R22.5, 275/70R22.5 and 255/70R22.5.

(Image: Goodyear National Business Development Manager – OE and Fleet, Justin Harding, and Sloanebuilt Trailers owner, Fred Marano.)

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