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Safe and timely delivery

  • From the August 2020 issue.
Safe and timely delivery

Bulk fuel carrier, Trojan Haulage, runs a versatile operation and has increased its productivity potential with its latest pocket road train combination designed and manufactured by ATE Tankers.

Founded in 2012, Trojan Haulage is a family owned and operated transport business that is based in Western Australia and aims to bring ‘old fashioned values’ to the industry while focusing on providing the best service possible to its valued clients.

Trojan Haulage delivers fuel safely and efficiently throughout its home state, servicing retail, mining and agricultural industries. To do this to the best of its ability, the business invests in state-of-the-art road transport technology from ATE Tankers.

“Our high level of service and attention to detail is what drives our business growth,” Callum Lumsden, Director of Trojan Haulage, says. “We have a great team of staff who support our business from top to bottom and wouldn’t be where we are today without them.”

To ensure greater flexibility in the Trojan Haulage fleet to cart both spirits and diesel to clients across WA, Callum consulted with ATE Tankers on the design and manufacture of a pocket road train combination.

“The pocket road train is designed to be paired with an 8x4 prime mover, meeting the maximum length requirement in WA of 27.5m in length,” he says. “We wanted to design and build a combination that gave our business maximum versatility while still maintaining a healthy payload. Our drivers have commented on how well the combination tows at maximum load which is an important aspect of the design.”

Equipment versatility with maximum payload capability is a standout feature for Callum.

“This pocket road train combination can service all our clients while simultaneously maintaining efficiencies loading to our maximum allowable Accredited Mass Management Scheme (AMMS) rating.

This ATE Tanker combination, according to Callum, will travel from the Kwinana fuel terminal to the company’s client base in regional WA – both on and off the road.

Trojan Haulage placed the order with ATE Tankers to assist with growth in the fuel business. “We currently operate four ATE combinations and specify the manufacturer for build quality and acute attention to detail,” Callum says. “At Trojan Haulage, we also enjoy working with like-minded family operations like ATE Tankers. The ATE team have been a pleasure to deal with from start to finish.”

Fast Fact
In addition to transporting petroleum products, WA-based Trojan Haulage can also be called upon to move emulsions, lubricants, acid, crude oil and other dangerous goods. The fleet specifies road tankers from ATE Tankers to get the job done.

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