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Safeguard the Hot-Spot

  • From the February 2020 issue.
Safeguard the Hot-Spot

Achieving and maintaining a safe and fully compliant transport service involves a multitude of ongoing operational decisions and practices. When it comes to managing the critical safety zone between the truck and trailer, the ‘Hot-Spot’, it will be subjected to the heaviest investigative scrutiny in the event of an unforeseen incident. Bartlett Equipment elaborates.

New Australian Chain of Responsibility (CoR) laws consider each participant in the vehicle supply and operational chain accountable to varying degrees; this includes day to day management and operation. Some examples of issues that may impact towing safety include incorrectly specified, non-compliant or inadequately rated vehicles, their parts and or equipment. Add to that, parts or equipment not fitted or maintained to the original equipment manufacturer’s guidelines and vehicles or equipment not being operated in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Clearly, the importance of selecting and maintaining compliant heavy-duty vehicle towing equipment is essential, not only to protect the safety of the truck driver and other road users, but to protect the ongoing safety and viability of the fleet organisation and its people.

Managing Director of one of this country’s most respected and specialised heavy-duty towing equipment manufacturers, Allan Bartlett, explains:

“There should be no second measure when it comes to towing equipment, yet we continue to see weak links in the supply and management chain that are a critical risk to the overall safety and integrity of a fleet’s towing systems,” he says.

“In the very worst case, imagine the potential of a runaway trailer and the devastating and costly results that can follow.

“Three generations of Bartlett’s have advocated the need for operators to choose wisely when it comes to purchasing and fitting vehicle towing systems. With the continual advent of higher mass truck and trailer combinations, greater forces are being applied to towing componentry; none more so than the truck towbar and the trailer coupling.

“Our business model offers a range of integrated towing solutions, including products and services designed to cater for small, medium and large fleets hauling loads from 4.5 up to 50 tonnes. The acceptance and success of our company over many decades servicing the national road transport grid has been based on five key principles – safety, compliance, reliability, value and the diversity of our tried and proven products.

“In essence we are able to deliver and install the strongest, most cost-effective, purpose-built equipment to perform under all Australian operating conditions.

“Our mandate is to assist our customers better manage and maintain the connection between the truck and trailer, the ‘Hot-Spot’, for peace-of-mind and the safe and sound delivery of their customers’ freight.”

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