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Staying ahead of the ADRs

  • From the June 2019 issue.
Staying ahead of the ADRs

Haulmore Trailers are more than ready for the upcoming changes to ADR38/05, electing to fit Trailer Electronic Braking systems to its full range of products years ahead of the deadline.

With over 40 years of experience, Haulmore Trailers has built a reputation for producing quality heavy duty equipment for Sale and Rental from their premises in Hazelmere, Western Australia.

Alan Moody, the Managing Director and founder of the business explains: “I was previously working as a Supervisor for another body builder when I decided to start out on my own, forming Haulmore Trailer Sales and Rental back in 1972”.

In the 47 years since, Haulmore Trailers has been specialising in building a complete range of standard and heavy-duty trailers for both on-road and off-road conditions.

Covering the mining industry, agriculture and councils, the range of trailers includes semi-trailers, low loaders, side tippers, end tippers, water tankers, drop deck trailers and road train dollies. As well as selling equipment outright, Haulmore also offers more flexible options to their customers such as short or long-term rentals, plus rent to own.

“The company is also a licensed motor vehicle dealer for new and used transport equipment, plus an authorised repairer so we provide a full service to our customers and exceptional support for our hire fleet,” Alan says – adding that over the years, he has been focused on fitting the very latest safety features available. “The Australian Design Rules (ADRs) are the best in the world and in WA. We are the world leaders in producing durable equipment with the best levels of technology.”

With the upcoming changes to ADR38/05 on 1 July 2019, mandating that all new trailer models above 10 tonnes must be fitted with Trailer Electronic Braking System (TEBS) incorporating Roll Stability Control (RSC), some manufacturers will need to update their designs in order to comply.

The last major updates to ADR38/04 covering Braking Systems, came into effect in 2015 mandating that all new trailers must be fitted with either load proportioned braking (‘LSV’ load sensing valves) or anti-lock brakes (‘ABS’ or ‘TEBS’).

At the time, Alan could see the benefits of fitting the enhanced safety features of EBS so decided to fit all their trailers with the highest level of technology years ahead of the ADR38/05 requirements.

“With over 100 rental trailers and premium customers, we wanted to fit the latest braking technology to all of our trailers, so our customers could see the benefits of TEBS and the safety features they offer,” he says.

Fitting TEBS has many benefits and adds several key features:

  • Roll stability support (RSS) required by ADR38/05 to reduce the risk of trailer roll overs;
  • Anti-lock braking (ABS) for improved directional control and reduced tyre flat spotting;
  • Brake-by-wire technology providing faster brake apply and release times to reduce the stopping distance, particularly for TEBS equipped multi-trailer combination vehicles;
  • Load proportioning features (LSV) to enhance trailer brake performance at empty or partially laden loads;
  • Multi-volt operation powered by 12V or 24V towing vehicles fitted with an ISO7638 rear power connector;
  • Optional extras, such as Axle load displays, lift axle control, tilt alert for tippers, data loggers, plus much more.
  • Assisting Alan through the ever-changing braking technology systems has been Air Brake Corporation – a leading distributor of WABCO.

“We’ve had a great relationship with Air Brake over the years and are a loyal customer of theirs,” Alan says. “They assist us by supplying the full TEBS kit and then by calibrating the equipment once the trailers are built. They give us a great service and always supply quality products.”
Along with providing all the kits required to build leading products, Air Brake have also ensured that Haulmore have the latest training on the newest technology.

“WABCO have just spent several days with our team going over their latest systems,” Alan says. “We’ve purchased our own test equipment so now after WABCO’s training we will be able to set up the TEBS ourselves which will simplify the process even further.” 

With hundreds of trailer manufacturers in Australia, it may be difficult for some of the smaller builders to meet the ever changing ADRs, however Haulmore show that by partnering with valuable suppliers such as Air Brake Corporation and sourcing quality products such as WABCO, that they can continue to build a strong business with world leading products.

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