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The dog with two bins

  • From the July 2020 issue.
The dog with two bins

With a view to improve operational efficiency on its country runs, recycling specialist Delta Group has taken delivery of a Bulk Transport Equipment five-axle dog trailer pulled by a Scania R 620 8x4 hooklift rigid truck. Its gross combination mass limit is 67.5 tonnes.

The advent of Performance-Based Standards (PBS) has opened up a whole new world of opportunities for truck operators and trailer builders in recent times.

It’s no exaggeration to say that this has paved the way for some of the biggest productivity gains the industry has ever seen.

No longer are combinations tied to rigid regulations. Instead, rather lofty payload capacities can be realised, provided specific criteria relating to on-road handling and performance are met.

The upshot is that smart and efficient combinations that operators could only dream about a few years ago are now being built in steadily increasing numbers by manufacturers such as Bulk Transport Equipment (BTE).

A great example is the recently completed five-axle dog trailer, commissioned by Port Melbourne-based demolition materials recycling company Delta Group, which will enable the company to significantly increase productivity on its regional runs.

“With an increased workload in regional and country Victoria of late, we wanted to gain better efficiencies in terms of volume and payload,” says Dominic Santullo, General Manager – Recycling & Logistics at Delta Group.

“It was really about building a quality combination that can carry virtually the same payload as a B-double, while not compromising on the robustness and durability we require due to the nature of our work,” Dominic says.

“Our industry is demolition so we can’t use light gauge steel for our bins because they just wouldn’t stand up to the punishment.”

The new unit will be used for transporting scrap steel for recycling as well as construction and demolition waste.

Dominic explains that due to the varied nature of the materials carried, maximised bin volume was an important consideration. Each of the three bins in the 25.5 metre combination has a capacity of 32 cubic metres.

“Sometimes we carry heavy steel that means we will be at our weight capacity with the bins half full. Other times we carry lighter materials where we can load the bins right up,” he explains. 
Interestingly, the bins are lifted on and off the trailer by the hooklift mounted on the truck, which means the bin on the truck must be removed before the bins are shifted from either end of the trailer.
Another innovative element of the trailer is the dual hydraulic tarping system which is mounted on the trailer between the bins, with individual tarps that hoist up and roll out to cover both bins simultaneously.

“We designed the system ourselves and I think it’s the first of its kind for this type of application,” Dominic says.

“We needed to come up with a tarping system that negates the need for drivers to climb up to tarp the bins, the tops of which are four metres above the ground.

“Tarping and untarping is a big safety consideration for us; and we are very happy to share this new idea with the industry,” he says. 

Speaking about the truck itself, Dominic has high praise for the Scania R 620 which he says due to its comfort and features makes the job a lot easier for the drivers.

“It has the hydraulic retarder which I really believe is one of the best features of all,” Dominic says.

“If you use the retarder right you can virtually come to a standstill without touching the brake pedal.”

Other safety features he likes include advanced emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, hill start assist and three cameras – one showing the hook and two at the rear of the truck – to help the driver when dropping off or picking up the bins and also when hooking up the trailer.

“It also has full airbag suspension so the driver can raise the ride height of the truck for added ground clearance during slow-speed off-road manoeuvring on worksites,” Dominic says, adding that this is also a useful feature to ensure the rear of the truck is at the correct height when hooking up to the trailer.

The trailer also has airbag suspension, accompanied by SAF Intradisc axles with EBS which ensures balanced braking characteristics between the truck and trailer. 

“I’ve been a fan of SAF for a while now – we have about 10 truck and dogs with SAF axles,” Dominic says. “The disc brakes are really good and combined with the Scania’s retarder they pull up really well, whether empty, fully loaded or anywhere in between.”

Talking about the process of taking the combination from concept to reality, Dominic says the people at BTE went all out to come up with the best solutions for his needs.

“The bins had to be designed around the trailer so the majority of the engineering work was focused in this area,” Dominic says.

“We put ideas forward and they said yay or nay and it was refined until everything worked and the end result has exceeded our expectations.

“BTE builds quality products,” he adds. “Wehave bought around 15 units from them over the last five years, including truck and dogs, rigid bodies and hooklifts.

“Once you start working with a company like BTE they quickly get to know what your needs are in terms of application, specifications and build requirements, which reduces the need for lengthy in-depth discussions.

“This new combination showcases BTE’s ability to supply a high quality and fit for purpose trailer that provides us with significantly enhanced productivity on our country runs.”

Fast Fact
Cleverly designed dual hydraulic tarping system is mounted between the bins, meaning drivers have no need to climb onto the trailer when tarping or untarping.

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