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The next level of connected refrigeration

  • From the October 2019 issue.
The next level of connected refrigeration

Carrier Transicold Australia’s new eSolutions truck and trailer telematics package is an advanced telematics tool designed to improve product visibility, manage operating costs and enhance operational efficiency throughout the transport cold chain.

Carrier Transicold developed the new eSolutions software to intelligently monitor connected refrigeration systems from anywhere in the world, providing vital information for producers, drivers, transport managers and retailers on the products being transported and the vehicles transporting them.

Carrier eSolutions is a major step forward for the company’s connected refrigeration offering according to Carrier Transicold President – Truck / Trailer International, Bertrand Gueguen.

“It puts the power in our customers’ hands to monitor, track and operate their refrigeration units from any connected device in the world – plus we’ve incorporated an array of features that will deliver real-time value to their business,” he says.

Providing a steady flow of intelligence about your fleet’s transport refrigeration units, the Carrier Transicold eSolutions solution enables information-driven decisions and greater efficiencies.

Remote monitoring and control is provided via a user configurable web-based dashboard. Additionally, the system interfaces with many fleet management systems such as TMW, McLeod, and AddOn Systems to enable seamless data integration. Customised system integrations may also be supported upon request.

Designed specifically for Carrier Transicold transport refrigeration units, eSolutions provides greater visibility, robust data management.  User data is securely maintained and accessed via two United Technologies Corporation-approved data centres, providing redundant data protection, fast access and robust security of fleet information.

Carrier eSolutions is accessible via desktop, smartphone or tablet, the new eSolutions telematics offers transport operators 24/7 access to a wealth of valuable data on their transport refrigeration systems, including: remote temperature monitoring; GPS location and tracking; two-way operational unit control and management capability; in-depth service and utilisation reports; geo-fencing; operational alarms and alerts; and locally managed multiple user accounts with audit trail facilities.

The system provides information for each connected refrigeration unit, helping to aid fleet management procedures and ensure minimal disruption through vehicle downtime.

Each eSolutions-enabled refrigeration unit is equipped with a Carrier telematics device with backup battery for cellular operation, antenna, and streamlined wiring harness. The Carrier eSolutions telematics solution can benefit fleets of all sizes whether installed in new units, or field installed on existing equipment by Carrier Transicold.

This was a topic Trailer Magazine explored at the 2019 Brisbane Truck Show, speaking with Carrier Transicold Australia Marketing Manager, Kelly Geddes.

“As a global business, customers from all over the world have been keen to find out what we are doing in terms of telematics and because it’s our own system we can now offer more features compared to earlier systems that were supplied by third party organisations,” Kelly says.

“In Australia we’re currently offering eSolutions 1.0 but by the end of this year we plan to have eSolutions 2.0 up and running, which offers a lot more at the back end.

“We have our own global data centres and we accumulate and analyse all the data that comes in from units all over the world. This gives us diagnostic information that enables us to quickly determine if there are any issues that need to be addressed.”

With thousands of units all reporting in, according to Kelly, trends and patterns across many aspects of operation can be easily detected and remedial action taken much earlier than would otherwise be possible. Also, it is the company’s aim to simplify the system so that the customer only receives the information they require.

“With typical telematics there are lines and lines of data which can trigger alerts that aren’t critical to the operation of the system,” Kelly says.

“So we find out what information the customer requires and inform them on a need-to-know basis.
“If a unit parked in a customer’s yard is running on diesel we can send an alert to prompt them to plug it into electricity and save on running costs. It costs around 60 per cent less to run the fridge on electricity and there’s no emissions or noise.

“Low fuel is another alert the customer receives. Via our Widget-based graphical interface they can see exactly which unit needs attention, without having to scroll through masses of data.

“We aim to manage by exception and give recommendations which then enable the customer to take the necessary action as they see fit.

“It’s all about keeping things as simple as possible and only providing relevant information that the customer can use to enhance operational efficiencies.”

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