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The perfect complement

  • From the November 2019 issue.
The perfect complement

For asphalt transporter Big Dave’s Tippers, two recently delivered Trout River Live Bottom Rigid units by MaxiTRANS are proving to be the perfect complementary product to its transport operation. It results in providing peace of mind with regards to safety and increased productivity due to the speed of discharging the trailer load.

As many asphalt businesses will attest, transporting asphalt can be unforgiving; so equipment needs to be durable and reliable to ensure it can go the distance.
Based in the Moreton Bay region of Queensland, Big Dave’s Tippers is owned by Dave and Meledie Elliott, specialising in the transportation of asphalt, which is used in road and infrastructure projects across the state.

Though the fleet is made up of predominantly tippers, a few years ago, Dave and Meledie decided to purchase their first Live Bottom trailer – a second-hand Trout River unit. Since joining the fleet, the trailer has proven its worth, leading him to purchase an additional two brand new Trout River Live Bottom Rigid units – a coordinated approach from local MaxiTRANS dealer, Trailer Sales Queensland and truck dealer, Brown and Hurley.

“These trailers are wide at the top so we get a lot of material inside. The main issues we have with transporting asphalt in a tipper is material coming out over the sides and the product getting stuck in the back, but we don’t get those issues with the Trout River Live Bottom Trailers. They accommodate asphalt better because they lose less material over the sides,” Dave says. “We are a new customer of MaxiTRANS. I bought the first Trout River second-hand and was impressed with it so we’ve stayed with them and have just gone from there.”

The original Trout River trailer has been used to supply asphalt on various major infrastructure projects, including the Gateway Upgrade Project and the Logan Enhancement Project. Now, the newest additions to the fleet will further add to the company’s capabilities.

Live Bottom Trailers are a safer and more versatile complementary option when having to unload in environments with low structures and overhead obstacles.
“We do a lot of work on suburban streets, under trees and powerlines, and I think the Trout River Live Bottom Trailer is the way of the future for the asphalt industry, as it means we are able to unload easily on a range of different work sites,” says Dave.

According to Dave, the Trout River Live Bottom trailers also ensure none of the load gets left behind inside the trailer. “Previously we’ve had issues getting material out from the back of the trailer and the Live Bottom belt greatly helps with that. This results in cost savings for our customers because no asphalt is left in the bottom of the trailer. A lot of the companies we work for have sideway loading or opening asphalt plants. With the Live Bottom trailers I can put the semi under any of these and I have no dramas at all. Nothing spills out with these,” Dave adds.

As he has also discovered, the life of the trailer belt is another key selling point of the Trout River Live Bottom trailers. “The belt on our second hand trailer has already lasted four years. I know another operator that uses a Trout River and it is almost eight years old and he still hasn’t had to replace the belt. Asphalt is a heavy-duty product, transported at around 175°C, so the belt has proven to be very strong and durable.”

Dealing with MaxiTRANS dealer Trailer Sales Queensland for the first time, as well as Brown and Hurley for the second time, Dave has been impressed by the high levels of service, which he says will keep him coming back. “The staff are all very nice people. I have nothing but high regard for them. They help with the whole lifecycle of the trailer and I am just going to keep coming back – it’s as simple as that.”

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