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The total package

  • From the December 2019 issue.
The total package

Sideloader manufacturer, Hammar Australia, has built a reputation based on quality and reliability. To uphold its commitment to its customers, having trust in its suppliers is paramount. And that’s why BPW has been its brand of choice for axles and suspensions since day one – and more recently landing legs too.

A subsidiary of Hammar Maskin AB in Sweden, Hammar Australia was launched in 1995. To date the business has delivered over 1000 Sideloaders to transport operators across the nation; and 2018 was its biggest year yet, with over 100 Sideloaders sold. 

Focusing on attention to detail, each Hammar Sideloader is designed to order, ensuring every unit is an ideal fit for its customer’s needs.

“We’ve seen quite a steady and linear growth with the exception of the 2008 GFC (Global Financial Crisis) where we had a decline that was surprisingly less than we expected – we still remained pretty buoyant during that time. Last year, Hammar had the best year we have ever had, both in Australia and worldwide,” explains Grahame Heap, General Manager at Hammar Australia.

He says consistency helps keep Hammar Australia ahead of its game. “We don’t let temptation rule what we do. We stand by our product, hold our price and maintain our quality standard. Hammar obviously doesn’t make axles, suspensions or landing legs, so when we have to buy a product, we always opt for a high quality product. We feel our Sideloader product is of a very high quality so all of the components should also be of a very high quality, which enhances our product’s reliability. I like to borrow the phrase from Henry Royce, “the quality will remain long after the price is forgotten”.

“Hammar Australia and BPW are in synergy in terms of ideals. BPW doesn’t take shortcuts as far as quality goes – they know they aren’t the cheapest on the market and we’re of the same view. It comes down to quality.”

The very first Sideloaders manufactured by Hammar Australia were equipped with BPW equipment. To this day, BPW is still the brand’s key supplier of axles, suspensions and landing legs.  

When it comes to landing legs, BPW has become Hammar’s brand of choice. Light and robust, BPW landing legs feature a strengthened connecting shaft and multi-hole bolt-on plate. Low crank forces ensure they are easy to operate.

BPW landing legs are designed to be maintenance-free for three years thanks to their long-term greasing with BPW ECO Li 91. High quality coatings ensure protection from corrosion and the lowest level of wear.

“It could be a little bit about brand association, knowing that BPW running gear is so good it therefore follows that the landing legs are also high quality. The reality is that the landing legs are well priced, very well made and give zero problems. They’re also easy to install, easy to operate and reliable, which is all we could want,” Grahame adds.

To add, the BPW Airlight 2 Series AM/D36 modular axle and suspension system is now standard fitment across Hammar Australia’s range of Sideloader equipment. According to Grahame, it ticks many boxes. “It’s a very high quality, very reliable system that provides very good ride quality and good stability. It is also easy for us to install,” he says, adding that another reason the business has been so loyal to BPW is its excellent backup service and support.

“If something happens to be an issue, which is quite rare, BPW is very good to deal with in resolving whatever problem we may have. If a customer has an issue with any component on their Sideloader, that becomes our problem, so service and support is really important to us. It’s very important to have that trust in products. When an item you’ve brought in is a problem, customers often don’t see it as a problem with the supplier, but with us. Because BPW is so reliable, it offers very few problems and gives you confidence that you can put it under the trailing equipment and away you go.”

Having worked together for close to 25 years, Hammar Australia and BPW Transpec have come to understand each other’s product and needs. “They know us and we know them,” says Grahame. “If a question ever comes up, which is rare now because we’ve been using the product for so long, we know the team at BPW is just a phone call away. I rank their service as first class.”

While BPW is already standard fitment for Hammar Australia, Grahame says it’s not uncommon for his customers to request BPW by name. “They either have it in their fleets currently so want to maintain similarity in the fleet or just appreciate that BPW produces a quality product. Having reliable components can make a huge difference with how busy a fleet’s workshop is.”

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