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Thinwall Trailers comes to Australia

  • From the July 2016 issue.
Thinwall Trailers comes to Australia

Although alike in many ways, the waste haulage industries in Canada and Australia each have their own nuances. For new trailer brand Thinwall Trailers, bringing Canadian technology down under therefore requires local input to ensure design precision.

A brand new name in Australian road transport, Thinwall Trailers has taken a running leap into the local market, making a splash with its launch at the International Truck, Trailer & Equipment Show in Melbourne this May. Although a recent addition to the local industry, the Australian importer of Titan Trailers is backed by decades of engineering expertise from the Canadian trailer OEM that helped it make a notable impact.

On its home soil, Titan Trailers CEO, Mike Kloepfer, has spent decades developing new trailer concepts and perfecting others to create new efficiencies across various sectors of road transport. In the waste world, part of the ongoing design process involves taking on feedback from local experts, pairing Mike’s trailer manufacturing knowledge with firsthand industry experience to find the ideal solution.

Ontario-based consultant Peter Vanderwyst has collaborated on numerous projects with the CEO in a relationship that flourished during Peter’s time as owner of waste haulage company, Elgin Cartage. “I’ve worked with Mike on many different concepts on how best to utilise Titan equipment for our market,” Peter explains – adding that an initial development involved converting box trailers into moving floors.

The Elgin Cartage fleet – before Peter sold the company to the largest transport company in Canada – counted approximately 150 trailers, around a third of which were moving floors. The rest of the fleet is predominantly tippers, Peter says, noting that the terminology has a different meaning to those in his home country. “What you in Australia call tippers, we call dump trucks. What we call tippers are essentially dry freight vans that use platforms installed at most landfills in North America to tip,” Peter says – drawing a comparison to the tipping ramps found at some Australian ports for woodchip deliveries.

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