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Tieman tanker cements its position

  • From the June 2016 issue.
Tieman tanker cements its position

Seven years on and over one million kilometres travelled, the first O.ME.P.S by Tieman aluminium dry bulk tanker sold in Australia is still going strong, even after a solid workout from Victoria-based Moloney Transport.

In 2009, Moloney Transport in Traralgon, Victoria, invested in its first aluminium tanker for hauling cement. Joining what was otherwise a fleet of steel tankers, purchasing one made from aluminium was not just a first for the family business, but also a first for the Australian commercial road transport industry – the introduction of O.ME.P.S by Tieman.

According to David Moloney, the cement haulage business strayed from its normal steel because the numbers made sense. “The aluminium cement tankers are more expensive to purchase than heavier steel cement tankers, but in the long run, we get paid for what we carry,” says David – revealing that the O.ME.P.S 42m3 aluminium cement tanker has the capacity to carry one tonne more payload compared to most steel cement dry bulk tankers.

Now, seven years on, the cement hauler has taken its aluminium dry bulk tanker over more than one million kilometres worth of road, travelling through New South Wales and Victoria to deliver an average of 15 loads a week.

“The tanker does both long distance deliveries and local deliveries, sometimes up to eight a day. The extra one tonne payload on each trip really adds up for us over the year. The payback on the aluminium O.ME.P.S tanker is really hitting our bottom line now,” says David.

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