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Tuff Trailers’ 8x8 steerable float: 15 months on

  • From the August 2015 issue.
Tuff Trailers’ 8x8 steerable float: 15 months on

Tuff Trailers’ 8x8 steerable low loader model is making a significant impact on Queensland company, Hart’s Transport. Trailer found out why this highly-specced unit represents one of Hart’s finest investments to date.

Going up and down Queensland’s highways with Hart’s Transport’s new 8x8 steerable low loader in the rear-view mirror, driver Danny Watts can’t help but get excited about the company’s latest investment. Designed and built by Tuff Trailers, the 8x8 has had such a profound effect on his day-to-day work that he now has trouble imagining ever using a different unit again.

“I love how this trailer operates,” the experienced driver of 30 years comments. “It’s simply one of the strongest, most user-friendly trailers I’ve driven in a long time. The fact that most of the on-board features are remote-controlled has made my job that much easier and safer by OH&S standards; and it can handle a whole variety of loads.”

Tuff delivered Hart’s new 8x8 a little more than a year ago. Since then, it has been working all throughout the Mackay region in Queensland, mainly transporting oversized mining machinery down to New South Wales with the help of a specially designed 2x8 dolly.

Fifteen months on, Danny is still blown away by the ease at which the 8x8 handles. He says having total control of the trailer’s axles, even in rugged off-road conditions, has given Hart’s Transport a real competitive advantage. 

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