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Tuff Trailers fuels truck haulers comeback

  • From the May 2017 issue.
Tuff Trailers fuels truck haulers comeback

Truckhaul’s Andrew Print says he is excited about his return to the Australian transport scene and what the future holds. Having the support of Queensland’s Tuff Trailers to help smooth his comeback has proved invaluable.

Starting his own Brisbane-based commercial vehicle transport business, APT Logistics, in 1990, Andrew Print has known nothing but transport success. He steered APT through an impressive 20-year run that ended when Andrew sold the company to Toll Auto Group in 2010, staying on for three more years before retiring in 2013.

Andrew thought the transition into retirement would be as easy as switching off the ignition to his truck – the idea of relaxing on his boat with a beer in hand and no cares in the world seemed all too tantalizing for the 52-year-old. But five months after quitting, Andrew was overcome with boredom and his professional withdrawal began manifesting itself. As a result, he went back into the workforce in 2013 as General Manager for another transport company. 

Three years later, Andrew’s enthusiasm for the job had waned. “I missed running my own business and being able to make a difference across the industry,” he says. “After a while, my wife starting noticing my struggles and encouraged me to have another try of setting up my own brand.”

After spending the latter months of 2016 planning his return, Andrew opened a new family-owned vehicle transport business, Truckhaul. The company’s service offering, however, was marginally different to what APT had possessed, according to Andrew. “I didn’t want to just run another APT, I wanted the new business to offer something different besides transporting trucks, which is why we now also deliver equipment for major live events on top of our main truck transport task.”

According to Andrew, Truckhaul exclusively sources Tuff Trailers’ custom-designed truck transporters.

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