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Tuff Trailers customises two deck widener units

  • From the April 2016 issue.
Tuff Trailers customises two deck widener units

Tuff Trailers has delivered two new custom Ag Wideners to NDF AG Design and Finch Engineering, designed to meet the dimensional requirements for transporting their bulky agricultural equipment.

Heavy-duty trailer manufacturer, Tuff Trailers, is no stranger to building custom equipment to meet its clients’ requirements. With more than 20 years of experience under its belt, the company was now able to create two unique solutions for agriculture machinery manufacturers by customising equipment based on its new Ag Widener model.

One manufacturer is Finch Engineering in Kaimkillenbun, a small town approximately 200km west of Brisbane, which is well known among grain farmers for building quality chaser bins, field bins and grain augers. “Our product is crucial to the grain farmer of Australia. The biggest thing Finch Engineering is known for is our products’ quality and reliability,” says Finch Engineering General Manager, Greg Daetz.

To transport its agricultural equipment from the factory to its farming clients all around Australia, Finch Engineering had been using a trailer that could widen but not extend, so the company was limited in the length of the equipment that it could carry.

“In our search to upgrade for a longer trailer to replace our old one, we went to a few different manufacturers, but at the end of the day it was Tuff that ticked all the boxes,” says Greg.

With the Ag Widener’s “unmatched width capability” of 4.5m ticking one box, Greg adds a second feature that clinched the deal was the Tuff trailer’s hydraulic “Load and Lift” telescoping ramps that can extend from approximately 1.5m to 3m and remain as part of the deck when not in use. “Normally ramps on a trailer fold up at the back and stick straight up in the air,” says Greg.

“These, however, look like they are just part of the deck, so they’re out of the way and we save fuel by reducing drag.”

Greg adds that the Finch Engineering team worked together with David Dengate at Tuff throughout the design process and appreciated the level of communication from the trailer builder.

“The team at Tuff was very professional and happy to take on suggestions to make sure that the final product would meet our needs and requirements, which was really important to us,” he says. “We’re known for supplying premium equipment that a farmer can depend on, so we need to have reliable equipment to maintain that reputation when delivering bins to our customers.”

Another Tuff Ag Widener was recently built to transport the disc planters that NDF Ag Design manufactures at its facility in Narromine, central NSW. “The custom Ag Widener was a collaborative effort between our team and the team at Tuff Trailers to find a solution for our taller disc seeders,” says NDF Ag Design Director, Dale Foster.

“We had the trailer built with custom wheel wells to give us a lower overall height of 5.2m, which means that although we still need to use our Over Height permits, now we can transport equipment that was previously out of the question.”

Dale says the Ag Widener was custom designed to move any of the equipment in its range, so he didn’t have to buy one trailer for the longer and wider gear and a second for the taller gear. “NDF Ag Design builds heavy-duty equipment right here in Australia to meet our clients’ custom requirements, so we look for the exact same thing in our trailer builders,” says Dale. “We want Australian equipment from a company that would build to our requirements, that’s why we chose Tuff.”

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