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Vawdrey’s new ‘triple’ drop deck PBS trailer

  • From the March 2015 issue.
Vawdrey’s new ‘triple’ drop deck PBS trailer

To address Australia’s growing freight task, Vawdrey has introduced a new, Performance-Based Standards approved ‘triple’ drop deck B-double model that will take hi-cubic capacity to new heights. Renowned logistics company Linfox will be the first to put the new design into service.

Maximising cubic space has been the guiding principle behind Vawdrey’s new triple drop deck B-double design. The latest addition to the company’s PBS range is a direct descendant of the 4.6m high, 36-pallet hi-cube double drop deck B-double Vawdrey released in 2014.

“After the success of our last PBS-approved hi-cube trailer, our customer requested more cubic space for the next model,” says Paul Vawdrey, National Sales Director, Vawdrey Australia. “This triple drop deck will ensure a higher payload, as well as an increase in operational efficiency.”

Said to be one of the most imposing B-double combinations to hit Australian roads under the PBS scheme, it’s only fitting that Vawdrey’s latest model is being rolled out by transport and logistics powerhouse, Linfox. The company is the first to benefit from the new triple drop deck design after taking delivery of several combinations in February.

The ‘triple’ in the product description refers to an extra drop section manufactured at the rear of the B-trailer. “Behind the suspension, we’ve added even more room,” says Paul. “Linfox is using the space to carry extra pallets that can be double-stacked utilising the additional mezzanine deck.”

According to Bernie Dalton, Linfox Fleet Manager, the new combinations will add a whole different dimension to the iconic operation. “Currently, all combinations are in use transporting freight from distributions centres to various locations across Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales and Queensland,” he says.

The new Vawdrey model was also built to accommodate the varying requirements of Linfox’s clientele.

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