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West-Trans’ new grab and hooklift combination

  • From the November 2015 issue.
West-Trans’ new grab and hooklift combination

To improve the productivity of its waste collection vehicles, Reservoir Maintenance Contractors has just put into service a new HMF crane with a grab and hooklift combination courtesy of West-Trans Equipment.

Equipment that has the potential to boost productivity will cause any transport businesses to pause and consider, and Victoria-based waste transport service Reservoir Maintenance Contractors (RMC) is no different.

“We’re in the business of using the most advanced technology and the latest equipment on the market,” says Joe Finnigan, Managing Director of RMC, who describes himself as opportunist and an advocate for employing new technology. “Our company objective is to provide a service that works quickly and efficiently with the right tools to achieve the task in often difficult environments and within tight deadlines.”

According to Joe, all those factors played significant roles when he purchased a new DAF rigid truck for a specialised application earlier this year. The decision itself required some background research and a number of fact-finding trips. “Ever since establishing RMC, I’ve always made a concerted effort to visit local and international trade shows such as the International Truck, Trailer & Equipment Show in Melbourne, the Brisbane Truck Show and IFAT, a waste equipment and materials exhibition held annually in Germany,” Joe says.

Joe says trade shows provide him with an “excellent opportunity” to see the latest products that will help him streamline his work processes. “It was at one of these exhibitions that I became aware that West-Trans, one of our on-going suppliers of Australian-made hook-lifts and skip loaders, also had an Australian agency for HMF cranes,” he says. “The HMF name just kept coming up everywhere and everyone seemed impressed with it. When West-Trans showed me the grab bucket and fly-jib options, everything pretty much fell into place.”

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