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  • Allied Transport Services

    Allied Transport Services

    Allied Transport Services is a family owned company whose alignment with PACCAR Australia has helped it to achieve efficiencies in its heavy haulage business while maintaining its strong core values.

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  • Knowing the niche

    Knowing the niche

    Operating a tow truck business in rugged northern Tasmania is a job demanding expert knowledge of both land and equipment. Launceston Towing is a company perfectly adapted to the niche.

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  • FBT Transwest

    FBT Transwest

    FBT Transwest’s Cameron Dunn reflects on the mindset needed to achieve a zero-incident work environment while holding himself and his support network accountable.

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  • Kings Transport

    Kings Transport

    Last year, metropolitan freight specialist, Kings Transport and Melbourne company, SEA Electric, officially put Australia on the global electric mobility map with the delivery of nine fully electric vehicles.

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  • Visa Global Logistics

    Visa Global Logistics

    In asset-heavy businesses like commercial road transport operations, investing in new vehicles can tie up significant resources, so it is of the utmost importance to choose the right vehicles to ensure adequate finance is maintained. One company that says it has worked out its procurement process is international freight forwarder, VISA Global Logistics.

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  • Aboods Transport

    Aboods Transport

    Famous for pioneering regular inter-capital runs in Australia, Aboods Transport is servicing some of the country’s toughest areas with an unerring emphasis on customer satisfaction

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  • Inland Petroleum

    Inland Petroleum

    Australia’s tyranny of distance presents some specific challenges to the fuel distribution industry, forcing experts like Inland Petroleum to think outside the box to keep the Australian economy humming along.

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  • It comes with the territory

    It comes with the territory

    In Australia’s sparsely populated Northern Territory, vast deserts and tropical wildernesses constantly challenge the transport industry. But for Aldebaran Contracting, that doesn’t mean saying no to high technology.

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  • A new standard

    A new standard

    The striking red and blue logo adorning PFD Food Services’ matching rigid trucks has become a recognisable sight all around the nation, but behind the scenes, creating a nationally uniform fleet has been a complex process.

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  • Eastern Plant Hire

    Eastern Plant Hire

    The Uberification of Australia’s commercial road transport scene has already begun, as Eastern Plant Hire’s innovative workflow management app is proving.

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  • Tas Petroleum

    Tas Petroleum

    For Tasmania-based transport company, Tas Petroleum, measurement is the key to quality management. By collecting and comparing data across the business, the fuel hauler can track its success.

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  • MJ Mahon Transport

    MJ Mahon Transport

    By taking his time to build a solid business case around every job before taking it on, Michael Mahon has not only built a career for himself, but also one of Queensland’s most progressive transport businesses.

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