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Image Linemarking

  • Posted on Wednesday 31st, July 2019
Image Linemarking

Image Linemarking has invested in Scania commercial vehicles to meet the long hours required of it on major projects in Victoria.

To support a new water blasting machine sourced from the US in 2010, Image Linemarking purchased a twin steer P400 8x4 LB. The first of six commercial vehicles it has bought from Scania, the truck, is reportedly still going strong for the Melbourne-based infrastructure company.

Formed in March 1998 by Managing Director Craig Riley, Image Linemarking is a specialty player in linemarking, roadmarking and road construction – areas Craig has been involved in for the past 35 years. Six of those years were spent working in the Traffic Linemarking section of VicRoads across all regions of the state, building roads and managing linemarking companies. Previous to establishing his own linemarking business, Craig worked for eight years in the private sector. Notwithstanding regular subcontractors, the company employs 25 full time staff and works major infrastructure projects across Melbourne with small to medium size construction companies, local shires and councils. At present, the Image Linemarking portfolio includes major upgrades to City Link, the Monash Freeway, the Tullamarine Freeway, remaking the entire Eastlink network, the current Westgate Tunnel project and Hoddle Street Package B.

In 2013, a second Scania, a P360 LB 6x4, was acquired for its growing thermoplastic market. By the following year a Scania P280 4x2 was added to meet the growing demand for smaller construction, including contract work for shires and councils. It also has been utilised for the application of thermoplastic linemarking, which is fast becoming a commonly accepted alternative to paint markings, given its longevity. Continued growth in the construction sector soon prompted the company to purchase its second P360 6x4 MNA.

“In 2018 business had grown to the point that we had to increase its capacity once again with a third P360 to keep up with the demand,” says Craig. “At the time that made it our fifth purchase from Scania but we have since taken delivery of a P410 4x2 prime mover which will be used to move around the newest of our water blaster machines.”

In June, the company received a P320 6x4. Its main application is to provide black thermoplastic used to black out redundant road markings and to create the rumble strip on the edge of the road.

Scania commercial vehicles, according to Craig, are the backbone of the Image Linemarking business. Aside from delivering the machines and staff to site safely, the trucks run around the clock – day and night – providing lighting, warning lighting and directional arrows boards for the travelling public to navigate the sites safely and, what’s more, to supply a continuous supply of hot material for linemarking machines.

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