Floating experience

Poised to saturate the market, AAA Trailers has a variety of water tankers available for immediate use.

AAA Trailers is an Australian manufacturer that has built a reputation around quality engineering with affordability front of mind for fleet operators and transport businesses.

The trailer builder provides three different water tankers for industry, including: a 32,000-litre water tanker with spray; a 22,000-litre water tank A trailer; and a 28,000-litre potable drinking water tank.

“Our multipurpose and affordable Water tanks are built for all Australian landscapes and designed for Australian conditions,” says the team at AAA Trailers.

“We are confident here at AAA Trailers that our water tankers will last a lifetime. We sold more than a hundred 32,000-litre spray water tanks in 2021 because of our unbeatable prices and superior quality.”

In addition to providing quality road transport equipment spec’d for specific applications, AAA Trailers also provides a 12-month warranty on all of its trailers.

“Our 32,000-litre spray Water Tank is equipped with a large tank in the rear for transporting water and controlled spray nozzles for distributing it,” says AAA Trailers.

“Our water tank can be used in a variety of sectors such as civil construction, mining, farming and fire control.”

Fast Fact
The 28,000-litre potable drinking water tank is internally coated for drinking water with certification. The tank material is carbon steel with a thickness of 5mm. The chassis is high-tensile steel and other features include heavy duty Fuwa K-Hitch tri-axle, heavy duty Fuwa K-Hitch spring suspension, two-speed JOST landing legs, a 50mm JOST kingpin and six 430mm manholes on the top of the tank.