Flying high

Howmet Aerospace – the parent company of Huck and Alcoa Wheels – supplies genuine, high quality componentry that add significant value to trailer and rigid body builder projects.

For more than 30 years the Huck brand has set the standard for truck trailer fastening technology with a range of vibration-resistant, maintenance-free fasteners and tools.

The Magna-Lok®, the BOM®, Bobtail®, Floortight®, Auto-Bulb® and Hucktainer® are all used in a variety of common trailer assembly applications and have become the benchmark fastener within the heavy transport industry.

Huck® fasteners are an advanced fastening solution available for the trailer industry, offering a clean and safe alternative to welding and a more efficient fastening method than conventional standard bolts and nuts. The Huck Magna-Lok® with the 360° solid-circle lock is Howmet Fastening System’s answer to blind fastening loosening and vibration challenges. The unique locking design creates an internal lock during installation that virtually eliminates pin pushout by mechanically locking the pin to the sleeve. The mechanical circle-lock design gives the Magna-Lok® rivet a tough, long-lasting joint with a tight, weather-resistant seal. Unlike other blind structural rivets on the market, the Magna-Lok® doesn’t require a special nosepiece insert in order to be properly installed; the locking mechanism has been engineered into the fastener eliminating tooling and operator error.

“The Huck brand has almost become synonymous with what we term structural rivets and swage bolts which is why you should always confirm you’re buying genuine Huck® fasteners and tools,” says Howmet Aerospace Sales and Marketing Manager – Asia Pacific, Ian Norrie. “The installed performance of the Huck range surpasses most non-Huck structural rivets which is why you find genuine Huck in a large number of the world’s commercial and military aircraft.”

Huck Fasteners have literally, billions of kilometres of on the road performance providing real evidence that Huck® fasteners are reliably 100 per cent maintenance-free. No re-checking. No re-torqueing. No re-tightening.

“There has been an influx of cheaper copy product over the years, the purchase price of fasteners proportionate to your product is worth consideration on two points,” Ian says. “One, are they comparable with the quality of your own product and are the savings enough to risk shorter life, downtime, or failure of the no-name fastener? The second, by investing in genuine Huck® fasteners you are adding value to your own products. This can be presented to your customers to demonstrate the quality componentry you use which provides customers with peace of mind.”

In addition to Huck®, Howmet Aerospace manufactures other quality and well-known specialist fasteners such as Recoil® Wire thread Inserts, Marson Rivets, Simmons Lock Nuts, Camloc® quick release fasteners and latches, Keensert® and Keysert® solid inserts.

All those iconic brands make up a global network of specialist fastener manufacturing. In Australia, Howmet Aerospace, Melbourne Operations, is home to Recoil manufacturing. Recoil®, started in a garage in Melbourne has become a world leader in wire thread inserts. Chances are if you’ve ever repaired a thread or strengthened a thread in Australia or New Zealand you have used a Recoil® Insert. Melbourne Operations employ more than 60 people full-time in the manufacturing and export of the Recoil range to all parts of the world. For over thirty years Recoil has been manufactured in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

About Huck
Howmet Aerospace is a global leader in engineered metal products. Its industrial brands are benchmarks in the design, engineering and manufacture of precision-made fasteners that hold together major commercial products.
With original designs dating back over 100 years, our industrial lockbolts and structural rivets have evolved to serve major manufacturers with precise, lasting joining for trucks, trailers, buses, railcars, rail, automobiles, HVAC systems, solar, wind turbines, heavy-duty machines, material handling equipment, oil and gas rigs.

Fast Fact
Howmet Aerospace – in addition to supplying industry with market-leading fasteners – also provides power rigs and handheld installation tools to ensure its products can be set correctly.

Quality Statement
The management of HFS is committed to Continual Quality Improvement to achieve Operational Excellence. HFS management will provide all reasonable resources to ensure a systematic and companywide approach in pursuit of sustained continual improvement including continuous improvement methodologies.
HFS maintains a uniform Quality System that meets the requirements of the regulatory criteria of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Code of Federal Regulations (CFR’s) for Technical Standard Order and Parts Manufacturer Approval, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) European Communities (EC) regulatory criteria, ISO 9001, AS/EN/JISQ 9100, AS/EN 9102, AS/EN 9103, AS/EN 9110, AS/EN 9120, AS/EN 9131, AS/EN 9133, IATF 16949, and ISO/IEC 17025, to the latest revision.
The Quality Assurance Department of HFS has the responsibility and full authority, delegated by the President of Howmet Aerospace, to enforce all requirements of the Quality System and to revise those requirements to ensure continual improvement and control of product and process quality.