Followmont adds Australian-made Iceliner to fleet

Leading Queensland freight and logistics specialist, Followmont Transport, has taken delivery of a new set of Vawdrey Iceliner trailers.

The refrigerated trailers were delivered by manufacturer Vawdrey Australia to Fleetmark, where branding was completed last month, before entering service for Followmont across its entire east coast network.

With a capacity of 34 pallets the Iceliners will transport express freight and produce.

Their first trip following initial delivery in Brisbane was from Innisfail to Bowen transporting fresh produce for local growers.

When it comes to these trailers, acccording to Followmont Transport CEO and Managing Director Mark Tobin, the finish with its superior detail is as important a factor as the past performance.

“Knowing we can count on them is a big factor for us,” he said. “It fits our purpose.”

“It is absolutely important for us to partner with family-owned businesses that produce Australian made equipment,” said Tobin.

“As a brand Vawdrey lives by the same family values that we do — the personal touch but always professional.”

The relationship with Vawdrey and Followmont Transport commenced 15 years ago with the purchase of a 34 pallet Titeliner.

At present Followmont has over 150 active trailers built and delivered by Vawdrey.

“It has been a pleasure to see our two businesses work together as well as grow together,” said Tobin.