Fruit producers show blockchain in action

Australian rockmelons from Red Cliffs, Victoria, are now being exported to Canada and the UK thanks to traceability technology.

FreshChain Systems has successfully piloted its blockchain tech exporting end-to-end traceable whole rockmelons from the Sunraysia region supported by the Australian Government Traceability Grants Program.

Minister for Agriculture, Drought and Emergency Management, David Littleproud, said the digitised tracing of ‘Honey Kiss’ and ‘Sugar Kiss’ varieties from farm to major export markets in the UK and Canada was innovation in action.

“Exporting fruit that is traceable through the supply chain ensures food safety, boosts biosecurity and enhances the confidence of our trading partners and consumers,” said Littleproud.

“I’m very excited about the potential applications of the technology used in this successful trial in strengthening traceability in horticultural supply chains.

“The blockchain-enabled traceability systems along with proper labelling and QR codes consumers can scan is a win-win for all supply chain participants.

“Our clean green reputation makes Australian produce valued overseas and we have to protect that.”

Member for Mallee, Dr Anne Webster, a member of the Standing Committee on Agriculture and Water Resources, said these exports demonstrate the benefits of blockchain enabled technology, with the products labelled with a QR code that consumers can scan to find out traceability details.

“It’s a shining example of the next generation of innovation of Australian producers, as they build on the strong track record of farmers taking advantage of market opportunities and finding ways to deliver high quality new products.”

Last year, as part of the Federal Government’s Digital Business Plan, $6.9 million was allocated for two blockchain pilots directed at reducing business compliance costs.